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Meat restaurant "Hitch" on Moscow in St. Petersburg

All true lovers of meat dishes in St. Petersburg onThe menu of the new steak restaurant, opened just recently, was appreciated. The restaurant "Heech" on Moscow was pleasantly surprised by its style, design and, of course, excellent steaks. To attract customers, the restaurant provides a wide range of services, holds various promotions.


restaurant hich in Moscow

Restaurant "Hitch" on Moscow, whose addressis now known to many, is located in the south of the northern capital (Prospect Moskovsky, 179). You just can not pass by it, large panoramic windows attract any passerby. The designers also took care of the entrance group, the scattered firewood everywhere indicates that it is here that meat is fried at the stake, the smell of which spreads throughout the district. The main indicators of the institution are taste, style, and originality. Men will find for themselves exactly what is needed - the highest class meat in all its forms (the menu is very diverse), Belgian beer, an excellent wine list. It is not a sin to invite a lady to dinner. "Heech" is not a classic steak house, which has already opened a lot. When thinking through the concept of the chiefs, Ilya Burnasov and Timofey Kuznetsov created a whole story that blew up the steak business.

For the preparation of steaks and other meat dishesbegan to order imported meat, and decided to support the Russian manufacturer. Miratorg was chosen as the supplier, which has repeatedly proved to be the best in supplying young veal.

To emphasize the masculinity of the institution, the service staff is exclusively male, with a half-word understanding the desire of a real meat-eater.

Not without Hitchcock

meat restaurant

So why "Heech"? Meat restaurant with such a strange name? So just decided to attract attention to the creators of the institution. After all, everyone remembers Grandpa Hitchcock with his terrible, bloodthirsty thrillers. It is also known to many that Hitchcock was simply a madman on meat dishes. His refrigerator was just bursting with different kinds of meat. He wrote it from various countries. At all parties and banquets meat dishes stood in his place in the first place. The restaurant "Hitch" decided to continue this line. True connoisseurs of meat dishes appreciate with pleasure all the culinary masterpieces of the restaurant. The menu includes both alternative steaks and specialties. You can order traditional ravioli or cabbage rolls. Each dish has its own fans, and even vegetarians will be satisfied - for them a whole section on the menu, a very popular steak from cauliflower, aubergine on the grill. What else can you order in a steak restaurant?

Restaurant "Hitch" on the Moscow: menu

The restaurant can be very tasty and inexpensive to have breakfast. There are 55 types of breakfast, here are some dishes:

  • Omelet.
  • Scrambled eggs with beef.
  • Truffle omelette.
  • Country breakfast.
  • Pancakes with honey.
  • Cottage cheese with nuts, honey.
  • Oatmeal porridge (with or without fruit).
  • Croissant.
  • Additives: cheese (different varieties), sausage, bacon, ham, sour cream, jam, jams, berries, honey.
  • The most diverse varieties of coffee and tea, juices, fruit drinks.

restaurant hitch

For lunch, the meat restaurant offers an excellent soup:

  • Chicken bouillon.
  • Shchi diurnal.
  • Tomato soup with bovine tails and beans.
  • Creamy chowder.
  • Creamy with crab.

Do you want to taste dishes from raw meat?

  • Beef carpaccio.
  • Beef tartar.


  • Hitchburger.
  • A large sandwich with roast beef.
  • Vegetarian burger.

Fans of fish dishes:

  • Tartar from tuna.
  • Tartar from salmon.
  • Salmon steak.
  • Crab the cake.
  • Tuna fish of zucchini.

And of course, steaks:

1. Classic:

  • "New York".
  • Rack of lamb.
  • Fillet mignon.
  • Chateaubriand.
  • Ribai.

2. Gourmet:

  • Flank.
  • "Machete".
  • "Flat Iron".

3. Specialties:

  • Chick.
  • Dumplings with marbled beef.
  • Cabbage rolls.
  • Chopped steak with poached egg.

The dessert card has 28 items.

restaurant hich on the Moscow menu

What to drink?

Everyone who has come to the Hitch restaurant will be able tochoose a drink to your liking. Do you like beer? 25 brands of bottling and 40 bottles - choose what you want. For those who prefer more strong drinks, a wine card is developed, containing a variety of hot:

  • Mondoro and cinzano.
  • Liqueurs and bitters.
  • The Vermouth.
  • Vodka.
  • Grappa.
  • Tequila.
  • Rom.
  • Whiskey.
  • Gin.
  • Brandy and cognac.
  • Red wine.
  • Pink wines.
  • White wines.
  • Sparkling wines, champagne.

From non-alcoholic drinks, the restaurant "Heech" on Moskovsky offers:

  • Coffee (optional without caffeine).
  • Tea.
  • Home fruit drink.
  • Homemade lemonade.
  • Italian classics ("San Pellegrino", "Aqua Panna", lemonades).
  • Warming drinks (masala, mango with sea-buckthorn, berry cocktail).

Shares from Hitch

The restaurant "Heech" on Moscow offers the following actions:

  • Every fifth of your lunch (up to a thousand rubles) is paid by "Hitch" (the action is valid daily, from 12 to 16 hours).
  • Every thousand steaks in the institution are free. On the common wall, the sold steaks are counted, if yours is a thousand, then you will eat it for free. Everyone can guess this figure, and there's someone who will be lucky to order an opponent ahead.
  • A gift to the birthday boy. If you and your friends celebrate a birthday in Hitch, then for a company of five people as a gift - a bottle of good wine, if you are less than 5, "Hitch" will present a dessert with a candle and perform a song.
  • Transfer and gifts. For those who celebrate their birthday here, a transfer from the house to the institution on the VOLVO XC90 is organized. Remember and other gifts for the promotion above.

restaurant hich at the Moscow address


Restaurant "Heech" in Moscow is always happy to helpto their customers and wants to see them within their walls repeatedly. Therefore, it attracts various events for attraction. Very popular among visitors are master classes conducted by the chef. On them he interestingly talks about the sorts of meat, about the ways of its preparation, after all the cooked dishes here are tasted by those present.

Holding banquets and receptions in Hitchis remembered for a long time. Spacious halls for different companies (from 20 to 50 people) are always open to guests. Banquet for one person will cost two thousand rubles, as well as a buffet table - two thousand rubles.

And of course, sports events. Dozens of fans of all kinds of sports gather here at a wide plasma. Together they are rooting for their favorite teams. And what could be more interesting than a real man? Favorite team, best friends, quality beer and a well-fried piece of meat - all in one place, in the restaurant "Hitch".

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