/ How to cook pomegranate sauce from Turkey. Application of sauce

How to make pomegranate sauce from Turkey. Application of sauce

What is a pomegranate sauce? This is a natural high-concentrated pomegranate juice. It completely lacks any additives or preservatives. When it is manufactured, only the addition of a minimum amount of certain spices is allowed. Therefore, pomegranate sauce from Turkey is so valuable. Its use is possible not only as an ornament and seasoning for a large number of dishes. Let's start with a short story about the beneficial properties of this Mediterranean fruit.

Useful properties and composition of garnet sauce

Sauce, like juice, is very healthyrights. Prepared at home, it is even better, since in this case, it retained all the original minerals and vitamins. Garnet sauce has a beneficial effect on the activity and condition of the cardiovascular system, as it contains a lot of potassium.

pomegranate sauce from turkey application
Its use is recommended for anemia,hypertension, as it increases hemoglobin in the blood, with problems with the urinary system. Sauce nashrabi (as it is called in Turkey) has many useful substances in its composition, as well as useful functions. We indicated a few basic ones, because pomegranate sauce from Turkey, the use of which will be considered below, very often becomes an indispensable product, and a separate article can be written about this. We will only point out that people with high acidity of the stomach should abandon its use.

How to cook pomegranate sauce, the simplest recipe

For this purpose it is necessary to choose the most juicy andripe fruits of pomegranate and extract from them grains. It's good to rinse and cook them just like you make jam. After a certain time they will become soft. At this moment, press them with an ordinary wooden spoon and cook further. Do this until the bones become white. The resulting mass is wiped using a strainer or colander for this purpose.

where to apply pomegranate sauce
The output will be pomegranate juice, according to the densityreminiscent of liquid mashed potatoes. Cook it until the volume of the brew does not decrease exactly twice. Minutes for five before the end of the process we add fragrant spices. There are variants of the recipe with starch, wine, basil, but ours is the simplest, in which, except for the fetuses, nothing is needed. If you brought pomegranate sauce from Turkey, there will always be an application for it.

Why do the housewives have pomegranate sauce?

Some mistresses can get lost, having receivedsuch a gift. And in vain! Its main application is in cooking. This is the finest marinade for any meat dishes, fish. Add this sauce and in different salads. The main thing here is not to overdo it, so as not to spoil the taste, for example, a salad of fresh vegetables. Some people, if you ask where to apply pomegranate sauce, brought from sunny Turkey, the answer can be: add to curd casserole, drink with tea. Others do not like the sour taste for this use, but they only pick up the shish-kebab in it. Since you do not need to add more salt, pepper, or other spices and seasonings. In addition, it is a real storehouse of vitamins. Do not compare with such sauces as mayonnaise or ketchup, from which, most likely, there will be more harm than good.

 pomegranate sauce from turkey application for weight loss

And you know how some girls sitting ondiet, use pomegranate sauce from Turkey? Application for weight loss - its main purpose. After all, it will accelerate metabolism and metabolism, and its calorific value is only 46 calories. The most basic, as already mentioned here, is not to touch the sauce. It is necessary to clearly see the boundary between benefit and harm.

Chicken in pomegranate sauce

And finally we offer a recipe for a very tasty and healthy dish.

Ingredients: six chicken thighs, an onion head, onea tablespoon and, of course, our pomegranate sauce from Turkey. Its application in this recipe is very simple. We smear it (with the addition of salt) each washed and dried thigh and leave for 5-10 minutes. In the meantime, cut the onions into half rings. Turn on the oven and warm up to 180 degrees.

chicken baked in pomegranate sauce
We cover the form with foil, lubricate it with oil andwe put the processed chicken. From the top, evenly distribute the onions, cover with foil and for 45 minutes - in the oven. For about 15 minutes before the end of the process, open the foil and reduce the temperature by 10-20 degrees. Will go directly to the divine fragrance. As a result of this method of cooking, the meat turns out to be tender, tasty, with a crispy crust, slightly acidic. Bon Appetit!

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