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Veal shashlik: cooking features, recipes

Young veal is incredibly tendertaste. It can be an excellent substitute for such common types of meat as pork and chicken. Made from her dishes are very fragrant, soft, most importantly - not dry. After reading today's article, you will learn how to cook shish kebab from veal.

Basic nuances

The best shish kebab is obtained from freshchilled meat. The veal veal contains a lot of blood, so it is absolutely not suitable for these purposes. It is not suitable for frying on a fire and that meat which has already once visited a freezer. In this case, it loses most of the nutrients, and the dish made from it turns out not succulent enough.

shish kebab from veal

That the meat is evenly fried, it is cutapproximately the same five-centimeter pieces. It is also important not to over-salted veal. Otherwise, she will give all the juices and be dry. As for the marinade, many different variants of its preparation are known today. However, there is one important point here. For these purposes, it is not recommended to use vinegar. It is desirable to replace it with kefir or any other suitable product. To skewer easier pierce the meat, the latter is threaded not across, but along the fibers. It is important to make sure that there is a bit of free space between the pieces that can be filled with onion rings.

In order to prepare juicy and tender shish kebabfrom veal, the recipe of which will be considered in today's publication, you need to pay special attention to the selection of firewood. For example, conifers produce resin, which impairs the taste of the dish. Therefore, they should not be used for breeding a fire, on which meat will be roasted. It is best for these purposes to stock up with birch, lime, apricot, plum or cherry branches.

In the process of frying it is important not to leave for a minutemeat unattended. Otherwise it can burn. If during a cooking in a fire a flame suddenly flashes, it must be extinguished immediately. Also need to periodically turn the skewer so that the pieces of meat strung on them are evenly baked.

Remove the shish kebab from veal pulp from coals onlyafter it appears a beautiful golden crust. To check the readiness of meat, a small incision is made on it. If transparent juice is allocated from it, then it's time to serve the shish kebab on the table. As a side dish, lavash is usually used, as well as any boiled, baked or fresh vegetables. On request, various sharp sauces are served to the shish kebab, perfectly emphasizing the tender taste of meat.

Option with kefir marinade

This recipe can be prepared verytasty shish kebab, which will please both adults and children. Kefir gives the meat an extraordinary juiciness and softness. And the presence of spices makes it more fragrant. Before you go to the forest, check to see if you have put all the necessary products in the backpack. This time you will need:

  • Two kilos of veal pulp.
  • Seven heads of onions.
  • A liter of kefir.
  • Half a bunch of cilantro.

skewers of veal recipe

To pickle a delicious shish kebab from veal, in addition take with itself table salt and spices.

Algorithm of actions

With pre-washed and dried meatremove the film and cut it into portions. After this, it is placed in an enameled container. There also send pre-peeled and chopped onions. All this is salted, seasoned with spices, poured with kefir and mixed.

The future shish kebab from veal, the recipe of whichis covered in this article, covered with a lid and left in a cool place under the yoke for twelve hours. After that, the marinated meat is strung on the skewers, alternating with the onions, and fry until ready. During cooking, veal is periodically sprinkled with hot water. A fully prepared dish is decorated with green cilantro and served at the table. It is perfectly combined with fresh vegetables. In addition, it can be served almost any sauces, including ketchup, tkemali or adjika.

Variant with vegetables

It is not only very tasty, but also incrediblea useful dish. To make it, you need not only to stock up certain products, but also time. Want to learn how to pickle veal for shish kebab? Make sure you have everything you need at hand. In this case, you have at your disposal:

  • Bulgarian pepper - 2 pcs.
  • Kilogram of veal.
  • One ripe tomato and eggplant.
  • A tablespoon of vinegar (if desired, since it's better to do without it).
  • Head of onions.

shish kebab from veal marinade for shish kebab

In addition, you need to stock yourself with scented pepper, table salt and spices. The amount of these condiments depends more on the taste preferences of the cook and his family.

Technology of preparation

First of all, you should take care of veal. Meat washed in cold water, dried with paper towels, if necessary, cleaned of films and veins. Prepared in this way, the product is cut into batch pieces and laid into a deep container.

The field of this to the meat is sent washed slicesvegetables, salt, pepper and spices. The future shish kebab of veal, caloric content of one hundred grams of which is about 72 kcal, is poured with water, mixed with a tablespoon of 70% vinegar, covered with a lid, pressed with something heavy and left for three or four hours.

delicious shish kebab from veal

At the end of this time, the proma-vegetables string on individual skewers and fry on coals. Prepare them separately due to the fact that veal baked through much longer than tomatoes or eggplants. At the same time, you need to periodically water the food marinated in a bottle. Serve ready shish kebab with pita bread, tomato sauce and greens.

Option with beer

Meat, marinated according to this recipe,It is distinguished by its special softness and light bread aroma. In the process of frying all alcohol completely evaporates, so this dish can be completely calmly given to children. To get a real Caucasian shish kebab from veal, you need to go to the market in advance for fresh food. At the same time, in the list you compiled, you must:

  • Kilo calf pulp.
  • Half a liter of dark beer.
  • A teaspoon of pink or fragrant pepper.
  • Head of onions.
  • Salt.

how to cook a veal shish kebab

Process description

To your guests liked the prepared veal shish kebab, the marinade for shish kebab does not need to be salted. In all other respects, this recipe does not differ much from other similar options.

Put a pre-washed and sliced ​​meat in a suitable saucepan. There also send a chopped onion and crushed pepper. All this is poured with beer and cleaned for a couple of hours in the refrigerator.

At the end of this time, the meat is removed from themarinade, put on the skewers, a little podsalivayut and sent to the coals. To make the pieces juicy and evenly fried, they are periodically turned over. Ready-made shish kebab from veal is served with fresh vegetables, greens or red wine.

Option with lemon juice

Meat, marinated in this way, can be easilyto recognize by a piquant refined taste. To your relatives could try this dish, you need to prepare all the required ingredients in advance. In this case, you should have:

  • Kilo calf pulp.
  • A quarter of a glass of lemon juice.
  • Two hundred milliliters of white semi-dry wine.
  • Three heads of onions.

how to pickle veal for shish kebab

To fry your veal shish kebab does not turn out fresh and tasteless, you need to additionally salt table salt and spices.


First of all, you need to do the meat. It is washed under a stream of cool water, dried with paper towels, cut into medium pieces and piled in a suitable saucepan. In the same dishes sent a seasoning for shish kebab and lemon juice. All the well mixed and cleaned for half an hour in the refrigerator.

skewers of veal calories

Thirty minutes later, a container of meat is addedmilled on a meat grinder onions. All thoroughly mixed and again returned to the refrigerator. While veal is marinated, it is necessary to be engaged in preparation of a fire and a brazier. After the burnt wood is turned into coals, you can begin to fry the meat. To do this, it is slightly salted, stringed on skewers and sent to the brazier. During the frying, the future shish kebab from veal is periodically poured with white semi-dry wine and is often turned over. Thanks to this, the meat will have time to evenly cook and soak up a pleasant grape aroma.

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