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Jelly "Bird's Milk": recipe for classic

Jelly "Bird Milk", the recipe of which we tell youtoday we will tell - a dish familiar to many since childhood. At a time when in our country good sweets could be bought with great difficulty, this dessert was prepared independently from the simplest products. From our article you will learn how to make jelly (a recipe with gelatin), reminiscent of the taste of the famous "Bird's Milk".


Classic recipe

For this dessert you do not have to buy any special products, as most of them (we are sure) you will find in your refrigerator. To prepare the base, you will need:

  • Six egg whites.
  • One and a half tablespoons of sugar.
  • A tablespoon of gelatin.
  • Citric acid to taste.

For fondant take:

  • Two tablespoons of sour cream.
  • A teaspoon of cocoa.
  • 20 grams of butter.
  • A tablespoon of sugar.

How to Make Jelly "Bird's Milk":

  • Put gelatin in a bowl, fill it with half a glass of cold water and leave it to swell.
  • Whisk egg whites with sugar (adjust the amount to your own taste).
  • Prepared gelatin put in a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. After this, let it cool and gently pour into the protein mass. Whip all together.
  • The resulting mass is poured into forms and sent to the refrigerator for several hours.
  • To make a fudge, mix everythingcomponents, put them on the fire and cook, stirring constantly. When, thanks to your efforts, a homogeneous mass is obtained, remove the saucepan from the heat and allow it to cool. Cooled mixture pour soufflé and send it to the refrigerator for another half an hour.

Jelly "Bird's Milk" from sour cream

Dessert prepared on the basis of sour cream, notonly it turns out very tasty, but also does not require the big expenses. It can be served for tea on a weekday or on a festive table. So, let's start making jelly "Bird's milk".


  • Two-thirds of the gelatin sachet is dissolved in water on a steam bath.
  • With a blender, whip 500 grams of sour cream, a plain glass and one tablespoon of vanilla sugar. At the end, add the cooled gelatin to the mixture and mix again.
  • Fill the forms with cream and put them in the refrigerator.
  • The remaining gelatin is dissolved in half a glass of water and mix with three tablespoons of sugar, three tablespoons of cocoa and a tablespoon of butter.
  • Add the chocolate layer to the base and put it back in the refrigerator.

Jelly can be served to the table when it is completely solidified.

Jelly. Recipe with gelatin

Puff jelly. Recipe with gelatin

This simple and tasty dish can act as aan independent dish, and can turn into a basis for a simple cake. To do this, you just bake or buy at the nearest grocery store. So, learn how to cook puff jelly "Bird's Milk".


• Divide one liter of milk in half and dispense into different saucepans. In each put on a tablespoon of gelatin, two and a half spoons of granulated sugar and mix well.

• Add three or four tablespoons of cocoa to one container and mix again.

• Put the two mixtures on a stove and cook over high heat, stirring constantly.

• Pour a portion of the chocolate mass into the crockery orother suitable forms. Send them to the refrigerator for a while. When the souffle is cold, remove it, pour a portion of the milk mixture on top and put the forms in the refrigerator again. Alternate chocolate and white cream several times.

How to Make Jelly

"Bird's milk" with jam

This delicious and unusually tender dessertlike not only children, but also adults. Gem, which we will use for the preparation of cream, can be purchased at the store. Just pay attention to its composition: it is better if it is prepared exclusively from natural products. So, jelly "Bird's Milk" (recipe for cooking):

  • Pour three tablespoons of gelatin with cold water according to the instructions that are usually indicated on the package. When the powder swells, put it on the fire and warm it up a little.
  • Two yolks whip and a half cup of sugar with a mixer.
  • When the egg mass turns into foam, add to it half a lemon juice, two or three tablespoons of liquor (it can be replaced with a pinch of vanilla sugar) and mix well.
  • Mix all prepared foods with sour cream (600 grams), half gelatin. Then pour the future soufflé into a silicone cake mold and refrigerate.
  • It's time to prepare a second layer for our jelly. To do this, mix 200 grams of sour cream with two tablespoons of sugar.
  • A glass of raspberry jam is heated in a microwave for one minute.
  • Combine jam, sour cream and the second part of gelatin and mix well. Pour the resulting mixture on a frozen layer of jelly and put the form in the refrigerator again.


We hope that you will find useful recipes thatwe described in this article. Each of them is distinguished by its special taste and perfectly suited for the role of a useful children's dessert. Prepare your home "Bird's Milk" with pleasure and please your relatives with unusual new tastes.

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