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Milk Cocktail Recipe: Mix the Most Delicious

According to all existing explanatory dictionaries,a milkshake is called a drink created on the basis of several (a good milkshake prescription suggests creating on the basis of not more than five) components, of which milk is mandatory, and additional fruits and berries, sometimes vegetables and nuts, and sometimes chocolate. It is not considered an ingredient, but ice is often added to a cocktail, the cubes of which are mixed together with other ingredients in a shaker or blender.

Milk cocktails can be performed in severaltypes, and their choice depends on what type of milk is used - full-fledged with a different percentage of fat or completely fat-free. Milk fat is used for making high-calorie and nutritious drinks, while fat-free is suitable for dietary cocktails. However, with the same success for their manufacture, you can take any fermented milk product - kefir or yogurt, cream. Sometimes a milkshake recipe offers to create and in a hot form, and in some countries even alcoholic variants of this drink are thought up.

Prepare a classic cocktail of milk you canas follows: take milk, ice, a little sugar, beat all the ingredients with a mixer or mix in a shaker. It should be remembered that the cocktail is the more delicious, and the foam is the higher the cooler was the main ingredient - milk. The ready-made milk formula can be supplemented with a scoop of ice cream, pour into a tall glass and drink until the drink warms up. If you do not take ice cream, then a similar mixture can come in handy in a different way - sometimes it recommends using a cake milk recipe.

Berries and fruit in milkshakes can beadd a variety of, and each of them with their help can open up new facets of taste, become more useful for the body. For example, a treat with citrus fruits turns into a real remedy that boosts the mood, strengthens immunity and invigorates even in the coldest time of the year. Nuts give the cocktail an unusual taste and smell, as well as supply the body with a huge amount of vitamins and useful elements. A hearty drink with vanilla or cream ice cream balls, with a small amount of coffee or chocolate literally explodes with the "hormones of happiness" endorphins, thanks to which the overall well-being and even the outlook on life improves. You can choose any recipe describing milkshake - each of them will be a pleasant discovery and a real exclusive treat.

For example, to please children and adults candrink with the addition of apricots, which is very easy to prepare, It is necessary to take milk (85 ml.), cream ice cream (35 g.), apricot syrup or jam (20 ml.), and apricots - fresh or canned (10 g.). Milk, ice cream and syrup should be mixed (in a shaker or in a bowl of a mixer), pour carefully, so as not to damage the fluffy foam cap, gently decorate with apricots.

Another milkshake recipe offerscook chocolate, ice cream and orange juice. Ingredients for it - milk (75 ml.), Vanilla ice cream (35 g.), Chocolate syrup (20 ml.) And grated chocolate (10 g.), Orange juice (15 ml.). In addition to chocolate, all other ingredients must be mixed, moved to a tall glass, put a little ice (if desired) and sprinkle with grated chocolate on top.

Special attention should be paid to such a drink,like a banana cocktail - it is extremely nutritious and nutritious, so it is not recommended in large quantities to give to children and those who are on a diet. Milk cocktail with banana recipe suggests cooking: take bananas (3 pcs.), Milk (1 l.) And sugar (15 g.). Fruit cut into small cubes, pour milk and mix with sugar, beat with a mixer (at least 5 minutes), pour into a glass and drink immediately, until the banana mass begins to darken and deteriorate.

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