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How to cook peas in a multivariate?

Cooking is one of the favorite sciences for the majorityof people. Every day, professionals develop new technologies and ways of cooking. In the kitchen of modern housewives a large number of different electrical appliances: mixers, combines, ovens. It was very fashionable to prepare food in a multivariate. This method allows you to calmly engage in cooking and favorite things at the same time.

peas in a multivariate
This method allows you to prepare everythingplease. For example, peas in a multivariate. To do this, you need to wash it, then pour cold water and leave the clock for ten. After you put it in a saucepan, pour water, salt, add spices, if desired, you can add vegetable oil. Then choose the program "Quenching" and set the time - 1 hour. The dish is prepared quickly, but it turns out very tasty. How to cook peas in a multivark, you can read in various culinary brochures or magazines.

how to cook peas in a multivariate

In a multivariate, any food is prepared quickly andunconcerned. There is no need for additional frying, steaming. Cooked peas in a multivariate are brewed. In their models, multivarks are not too different, they can only have different functions. Some may not have frying or baking programs. To cook peas in the multi-brand "Redmond", you must also pre-soak it, and then add water and spices. This model is very good for moms with young children. In it, you can sterilize the dishes, warm up the food, weld milk kashki.

Pea dishes are very useful, they containvitamins B, P and various microelements, proteins. For people involved in sports, peas are necessary. The proteins in it are necessary for the growth of muscle mass. And the cooked peas in the multivarquet are especially good. With this preparation, a large number of vitamins and minerals are stored.

peas in multivark redmond
Cooked peas in a multivarcan can be usedand for salads, and for garnishes. Very good is a salad of peas with croutons, greens, sweet pepper. To do this, first boil the peas, chill, add toast and chopped sweet peppers, sprinkle with herbs. You can also use a young green peas. It also initially boils, cools. Here you can add a variety of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled carrots and beets. For a salad of tomatoes and pickled cucumbers, it is necessary to cut vegetables with semicircles, beautifully lay them on a plate, lay peas on the side, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs, and pour with vegetable oil.

If boiled peas are used for garnish,then it is good to serve chopped meat steamed. All this can be prepared in a multivariate at the same time: peas are cooked from below in a saucepan, and meat is prepared on top of the grate. Meat should be pre-salted, salt, sprinkled with spices. On the plate lay a pea nice slides, next - meat, which can be pre-cut into small pieces. Before serving, you can add finely chopped greens, top with a sauce of olive oil with lemon, black pepper. Dinner is ready, pleasant appetite!

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