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Liquor from black chokeberry at home: recipes and methods

Liquor from black chokeberry at homecan be cooked according to different recipes. Many people stick to those methods of preparation that they have known long ago from relatives or acquaintances. But you should always try something that you have not eaten yet. For example, a homemade liqueur made from chokeberry with additional ingredients.

liquor from chokeberry at home

Classic recipe

It will require a ripe washed anddried berry. Grind it with sugar in a deep container. It's better if you have a wooden pestle at hand. For example, oak. It will give the berry a special flavor and taste. Pour all the pepper with vodka or alcohol (diluted). Calculation is simple: to be stronger, alcohol add more (for 1.5 kilograms of berries 0.5 alcohol). If you prefer a weak liquor, you need more rowan. In a dark and warm place, put a container for a couple of weeks. To check whether the fermentation process is going on, you need to put on the neck a usual medical glove. If it will be funny to puff and puff, then your liquor is halfway to the finished state. If lies and does not give any signs, then something went wrong. In this case, the mixture must be digested and reinforced with alcohol. After the fermentation has passed, everything must be filtered through gauze. Leave the liqueur and enjoy the taste!

homemade liqueur from black chokeberry


Liquor from black chokeberry at homecan be prepared with raspberry and cherry leaves. The fruits themselves will not be needed, only the greens. For each kilogram of mountain ash is required for a hundred leaves of both. You need to cook the compote from the berry with sugar. Then, at the boil, add the leaves and cook for about half an hour. Ready to cool the broth naturally and pour into a large bottle. Leaves leave the same. After generously pour all the vodka, alcohol or cognac from the calculation: for each liter of the mixture - 300 grams of alcohol. Leave everything in a dark place for a couple of weeks. The glove is not needed. At the end of the period, drain everything, leave the liquid. This is a liqueur of mountain ash in the home with a unique taste and aroma.

liqueur recipe

Drink fortified

The recipe for liqueur from black chokeberry with a strength of 20% is as follows:

  • choose one of the usual recipes;
  • make a drink;
  • at the last stage add 0.5 liter of vodka;
  • leave for a couple of weeks;
  • all drain, add sugar;
  • leave a clean drink for another week.

In the end, the product willweakly striking the head. It is noteworthy that the liquor from the black chokeberry at home preserves all the beneficial properties of the berries - lowers blood pressure, dilutes blood, dilates blood vessels. But the stronger the drink, the weaker it is. It is not recommended for people with chronic and serious diseases of the liver, kidneys and heart. And, of course, children. But pregnant and lactating you can on a tablespoon a day. Harm does not cause it, but it will help to sleep peacefully in the evening. The color of the drink is rich red, almost black. The aroma and taste depends on the recipe, but alcohol is usually not felt at all. Liqueur of black chokeberry at home will be more delicious if it stays about 1.5 months.

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