/ How to cook ghee at home?

How to cook melted butter at home?

Ghee, in eastern cooking also known as ghee, is made from butter. It is considered more useful for immunity and liver and helps to maintain youth.

Ghee in the home
Preparation of melted butter allows to removefrom the original product, dairy components, impurities and water. You can make it at home. You will need high-quality butter with a high percentage of fats. As a result, you will get a pleasant product with a nut smell, which is suitable for frying and baking, and also has a long shelf life.

How to make ghee at home on the stove?

The process of preparation includes not onlymelting, but also the removal of foam, which contains all the undesirable substances. To make melted butter at home, cut creamy into small cubes or grate. Put the pan with it on the stove for a medium-heat fire. As soon as the oil podtaet, turn down the fire. Carefully remove the periodically appearing foam, without stirring the oil. Part of the impurities settles on the bottom of the pan, it is important not to let them rise to the surface when you take off the foam. At first, the product will be cloudy, but will become transparent and amber in the process of preparation.

How to make melted butter?
After fifteen minutes on the plate neatlypour the oil into another bowl, trying to leave the sediment on the bottom. Heat on minimum fire further, continuing to remove the foam. A kilogram of oil will take about an hour, if you take a smaller amount, then you will cope faster. It is important not to overheat the product, otherwise it will burn and become unpleasant to smell. Pour the finished melted butter into a clean glass jar with a sealed lid. Keep in a cool place.

How to make ghee in the oven?

Ghee at home is quite possibledone in the oven. Especially convenient is this method in the event that you want to make a large amount of the product without much difficulty. You will need a large saucepan. From the surface of the oil to its edge should remain at least eight centimeters.

Preparation of ghee
Preheat the oven to one hundred and fifty degrees. Take the unsalted butter, cut into small pieces and transfer to the dishes. In the oven it will be heated without stirring, a dense crust of impurities forms on the surface, and light golden sludges remain on the bottom, under a light amber oil. Preparation is determined by the amount of product - a half-kilogram will take about one and a half hours. Remove the hardened top layer from the finished oil, gently working with a spoon or spoon. Drain the remaining oil through a strainer or colander, covered with a towel made of natural fabric, trying not to disturb the sediment. Remove the remains with a spoon. Ghee at home should be stored under a tightly closed lid and refrigerated. In the refrigerator, it gradually solidifies and acquires a creamy consistency, maintaining a pleasant creamy-nut flavor and a golden hue.

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