/ / American whiskey (bourbon) "Meikers Mark": description, composition and reviews

American whiskey (bourbon) "Meikers Mark": description, composition and reviews

American whiskey (bourbon) "Meikers Mark" even inthe state of Kentucky, in its historic homeland, is worthless money. Not to mention the prices in our wine shops, after payment of customs fees and trade fraud. Maker "s Mark is an elite drink - not for every day or even for every holiday.An one kind of bottle, albeit of a concise design, says that this product is made, as they say, by hand. On the neck is a wax seal of bright color The stamp with the inscription "S IV" is proudly and prominently displayed on the bottle.We will explain this letter and figure in this article.We will also give a description of the characteristics of bourbon and briefly tell about the stages of its production.It is of considerable importance for the taste and bouquet of the drink The company does not make a secret of whiskey. Thanks to the ingredients, the drink has become so elitist and, as a consequence, expensive. And what about the bourbon maker "s Mark reviews? We have studied them, and below you will find a brief analysis of the impressions that produced whiskey on consumers.

Markers Mark

Family History Samuels

It's safe to say that "Meikers Mark"It is the oldest distillery in America, working in its original place. The first enterprise appeared in Kentucky in 1805. True, the Robertson Samuels family was far from thinking about whiskey. At first it was a mill for grinding grain. Podnatorev on knowledge of bread and the characteristics of various cereals, the grandson of the founder of the dynasty, known as "sheriff Hi," decided to start producing bourbon. This was in 1840. He developed a recipe for the American bourbon, which he considered a universal formula for success. However, the production of distillery was not in such demand as it is now. Huy did not deviate from the classical bourbon formula and used rye in the drink, which made the whiskey taste quite sharp, vulgar. When the law was introduced in the States, Samuels enterprise was closed.

Revolutionary breakthrough

The thirty-fourth year brought relief. The "dry law" was abolished. But twenty-four years had passed before the first bottle of whiskey "Meikers Mark" was released for sale. In the forty-third year, the sixth member of the Samuels dynasty, Bill, decided not to care about the family bourbon recipe handed down from father to son. Probably, the spirit of his distant ancestor-miller, who knew the seeds of cereals, awakened in him. And, maybe, Bill understood that in the American whiskey taste of bread crust is important? The development of a new recipe for whiskey, he began in a very unusual way. He baked bread, mixing different cereals and experimenting with their percentage. So he came to the most optimal, in his opinion, formula. Corn, red winter wheat and barley malt are the composition of Maker's Mark, note that there is no traditional rye in the whiskey, which, according to Bill Samuels, gave the drink a hard and slightly fuselier taste.

Makers price

Women's merit

For the sake of justice, it should be noted that the highThe image of the bourbon "Meikers Mark" earned not only thanks to Bill Samuels. A great contribution to the "promotion" of the firm was made by his wife, Marge. This lady had an irreproachable taste. In addition, she collected bottles from cognacs and different things from tin. Knowing how effectively the combination of glass and sealing wax, she developed a design bottle, where they poured an exclusive drink. For many months she wondered how to name the new bourbon. Finally, it dawned on her: "The Seal of the Master" - Maker "s Mark." She developed the bottle design, the laconic bottle and at the same time the original one, as though blown, which emphasized that the drink was made in scanty parts, homed-maid. and without mistakes.Marj, not very versed in Roman numerals, wrote on the convex label of the bottle "S IV." The letter meant "Samuels", and the figure had to determine that Bill was the sixth representative of the genus, but the husband did not want to upset his wife and therefore nothing told her that IV is four, not six. he, to play along with his wife, wrote on the label "whiskey" (in Scottish manners), whereas all whiskey producers in the US write this name as whiskey.

Bourbon Markers Mark

Today's factory "Meikers Mark"

So, in 1958 on the market and the court of connoisseurs of whiskeyThe first bottle of bourbon Maker's Mark was presented. The neck, sealed with red sealing wax, impressed the buyers. Yes, and sold their products Samuels for only seven dollars a bottle. But even more impressed were the connoisseurs of whiskey from what lay hidden under the lid. Such a soft taste, honey, oily, has not been tried for a long time. In 1980, Samuels' family distillery, the "Ze Meikers Mark", which is located in Loretto, Kentucky, received another honorary title: the Minister of the Interior, Cecil Andrews, declared it to be the US National Historic Property. Previously, the company produced no more than nineteen barrels of beverage per year. But in the two thousandth year the distillery increased its production capacity twice. But the volume of production that is produced today is still small to call the drink "massive." That's why the price for a bottle of American Bourbon Maker 's Mark is pretty impressive.

Whiskey Bourbon Meakers Mark


For the manufacture of whiskey "Meikers Mark"The water from the limestone lake is used, which is replenished only during the spring rains. All grain for bourbon is grown on small farms near the winery. Red winter wheat gives the drink a gentle and mild taste. Yellow corn is responsible for the aroma. Barley for whiskey wanders naturally and it does not contain enzymes that increase the level of gibberellic acid.

Production process (briefly)

For processing grain used rollmill. This allows you not to dry the cereals and avoid bitterness in the taste of the drink. Although modern distillers consider this method of processing too slow, the firm uses it, as well as an open oven, to increase the aroma of whiskey. The enterprise uses yeast for its own cultivation. A fermentation drink takes place in cypress barrels, which are more than a hundred years old. Samuels refused to use steel tanks. Cypress, in his opinion, does not affect the final taste of the product. The firm is the only distillery in the US, which practices double distillation. The additional procedure guarantees complete removal of sediments and impurities. All this influences the cost of production "Makers Mark." The price for a bottle of this whiskey comes to three, and even three and a half thousand rubles.

Whiskey Makeers Mark reviews

Characteristics of the drink

Is it worth to spread this money for seven hundredmilliliters of bourbon? Let's crack the sealing wax on the neck, uncork the bottle and taste the whiskey (bourbon) "Meikers Mark." 45 degrees is the only thing that makes a drink similar to American straights. Although ordinary bourbon has a fortress of forty degrees. Grain, born in the neighborhood of Loretto (Kentucky) and past double distillation with cold filtration, gave the whiskey its golden color. Drink stood for eight years in barrels of white American oak. Wood conveyed its notes to the drink, they are felt lightly and only in the dry aftertaste. Whiskey has a complex aromatic bouquet. At first, exotic flowers are heard, and then warm shades of oak appear on the front of the stage. All this testifies to the high quality of bourbon. The taste of this whiskey is infinitely tender, a little honey, oily.

Bourbon Makers Brand Price

Gastronomic combinations

How to serve and what to drink bourbon "MeikersMark"? The price of whiskey is such that they should not be neglected and consumed along with other dishes. "The Seal of the Master" is an ideal digestive. When the stomach is full, you can leisurely surrender to the infinite delight of bourbon. Nothing else is needed. Unless, if it's too hot, you can put two cubes of ice in a whiskey glass. So the vanilla honey taste of the drink opens. Although some experts say that based on the "Makeers Mark" or with his participation, you can prepare refined alcoholic cocktails. In a bottle, whiskey can be stored for years. From old age, the drink only gets better.

Whiskey Bourbon Meakers Mark 45

Whiskey "Makers Mark": reviews

Despite the advertised volume of sales innineteen barrels per year, many Russian consumers have already tried this bourbon. Of course, the market was flooded with counterfeits of "Makeers Mark", and the price of the drink is the main reason for this. But what do those who bought whiskey in trusted stores say? The aroma with tones of tropical flowers, dried fruits and honey makes you think that before you a sweet drink. But having taken the first sip, you will be surprised and even amazed. No sweets, just a pleasant bitterness, like a bread crust. The bourbon's aftertaste is long, dry, woody. Those who have tried the "Seal of Master" in cocktails say that because of its softness, bourbon is completely lost in mixtures.

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