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Gem from cherries, kiwi and apples

Closing jams for the winter, pay attention tocherry confiture and apple-orange marmalade with ginger. They are very fragrant, and also useful and pleasing to the eye with a rich color. You can also try making kiwi jam - the recipe is quite exotic. However, the result will appeal even to fans of classical taste combinations. Let's start cooking.

cherry jam

Cherry jam with wine and anise

This recipe is quite non-trivial. But you have to work harder on it, because the jam has an astounding tender taste. This cherry jam is suitable not only for a sweet table, but, for example, for cheese. For two half-liter jars you need: a kilogram of pitted, six hundred grams of sugar, an anise star, a cinnamon stick and half a liter of good red wine, preferably dry.

Let's start making cherry jam. Fold the ripe, washed and peeled berries in a saucepan, sprinkle with sugar and leave at room temperature. After six hours, place the container on a small fire and wait for the cherry, stirring it with a wooden spoon with a long handle. Again let the mixture brew for twelve hours now. Then cook for ten minutes, until the water evaporates completely - now your cherry jam has most likely reached the desired density.

After the marmalade has cooled, it is necessary to pour in the wine, put cinnamon and anise.

jam recipe
Again to cook a little. After cooling, rub through a sieve or achieve homogeneity of the mixture with a blender (spices pre-extract from the jam). Boil it, spread it over the jars and roll it. You can cook using cherries with bones. Then they can be removed by wiping through a sieve. Preparation of marmalade requires some experience - in order to bring the composition to the desired consistency.

Gem from orange, apples and ginger

This marmalade has a sweet and burning taste,resembling a lemon candy. Very well he approaches to tea or toasts with butter or oil. Because of some sharpness, it can be used in small portions. Take the root of fresh ginger weighing about one hundred and fifty grams.

jams for the winter
It must be peeled. Then prepare one large orange, lemons (230 grams) and one sweet apple. Sugar in this jam should be added to taste. Squeeze out the juice from the fruit, mixed with crushed ginger and grated apple. Add sugar, gelling agent and zest. Boil, cool and spread on jars.

Kiwi Gem

For this marmalade are suitable even hard andsourish fruit. They will need about half a kilogram. Take an equal amount of sugar, as well as a little lemon juice and a plate of gelatin. Peeled kiwi can be chopped with a knife, and can be done with a mixer (if the fruit is soft) or a blender. Pour lemon juice and fill it with sugar. Cook about twenty minutes on low heat, gently stir, trying, however, so that the kiwi does not turn into a mess. Gelatin soak in cold water, squeeze, add to the jam. All together, a little to cook and cool. Spread on the banks. You can add scraps of coriander or cardamom, natural vanilla, and take lime juice instead of lemon juice.

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