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When the food is a pleasure: "Red" - a cake with sour cream

Among homemade pastries "Red" - one of the mostpopular and delicious. A cake is made based on honey, and the cream is usually made from thick, fatty sour cream, whipped with sugar. As a pleasant addition to the dough and in the cream, you can put berry and fruit additives, or in the preparation of the test, add a little cocoa to it. In addition, between the cakes you can make interlayers of jam or jam, pieces of banana or kiwi, pineapple, slices of oranges or tangerines. In general, freedom for creativity is great. The main thing is that the cakes are soaked with cream, they are juicy, soft.

"Red" traditional

red cake
First try to cook the usual "Red". The cake is named so for the golden-brown color of the cakes, obtained with baking. They should be thin enough, but the cream - airy, lush. Ingredients: sugar - 2 cups. Not bad, if instead of it you take powdered sugar, t. To. She is better dissolved and beats up. Honey, liquid - 4-5 tablespoons. If the honey is thick, heat it to melt. Butter - 2-3 teaspoons of room temperature. Soda or baking powder - a teaspoon (soda to extinguish). Flour - 4 glasses. Sour cream (fat content 35%) - 500 g. Do not forget about vanilla.

  • Cream is the first thing you should start creatingour "Red". The cake should absorb it, so that the cakes become soft. And the cream itself should be left in the refrigerator. In sour cream, pour 1 cup of sugar and grind, then whip with a mixer until a foam is obtained, lush and dense. After this, send the saucepan to the refrigerator.
  • Now the dough. In a deep saucepan, pour out a second glass of sugar and mash the eggs. Then put the butter with honey, pour the soda. Stir. After that, take a large pot, heat the water in it and put a test piece on the water bath. Protomite in this way minutes 20 future "Red". The cake, more precisely the technology of its preparation, requires that the honey mass increase several times. Only you can not bring it to a boil, you just need to torment and stir. When the result is satisfactory, the gas can be turned off and the brew cool down. And, gradually pouring the flour, start kneading the dough. It should turn out to be elastic, do not stick to your hands. But do not try too hard to do it, otherwise the hard and viscous will turn out "Red". The cake in this regard has its own characteristics, so adjust the amount of flour yourself.
    how to bake a cake rouge
  • Baking. The finished dough rolled into a roller, which is cut into 10 pieces. From each, make a cake and roll it into a thin sheet (half a centimeter thick). Level them on a large plate and bake until cooked in the oven or in a frying pan. Biscuit pieces too, they will be needed.
  • How to bake a cake "Ryzhik" is already clear. The last step is to mix it with cream. It's all simple. Each cake well spread and overlap, lightly pressing, on the previous one. Try to distribute the cream so that it is enough for the upper cake. Pieces of dough crumble and sprinkle them with cake from the sides and from above. When everything is ready, send "Red" in the refrigerator to "impregnate" the clock at 8-10. Therefore, good advice on how to make a cake "Ryzhik" - make it on the eve of the holiday.

"Redhead" with imagination

how to cook a cake rouge
How to "edit" a recipe for yourdiscretion? In the cream, you can add a little juice of lemon or another citrus - it will get a bright sourness. You can put a lemon or orange peel - it will be very tasty and original. And in the dough you can pour raisins and poppy seeds. This cake you only ennoble.

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