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Apricot: several recipes

For fans of domestic alcohol producedindependently, with their own hands (especially if the fruits are grown in their garden), such drinks do not constitute anything unusual: and the fruits that have been bred this year in abundance, can be attached, and a tasty alcoholic beverage to get. Apricot liqueur is just from this series. It happens that in one year the apricots are deformed in the home garden so that they simply have nowhere to go. Of course, there is always a traditional way out - to cook jam or jam, compote at the worst. But many gardeners (and among them not only men) prefer a product such as apricot liqueur. First, he is not too strong. And secondly, it is fragrant and tasty: you will agree, it is pleasant to slap a glass-another in the cold frost for the health of friends and relatives.


Apricot Filling

As always, our indefatigable people came up withIn this case, several options for recipes. Almost all of them are quite simple in performance and differ greatly in taste and strength. The basic ingredient - apricot fruits remains unchanged. So let's try to cook soon!

Apricot filling. Recipe with kernels and vodka

Apricots are mine and choose a stone. It must be pierced, and the nuclei should be pulled out and crushed in a mortar. We cut the fruit itself into small slices and mix it with crushed cores in a 10-liter glass bowl specially designed for making mare (with a narrow neck). Some now use containers made from food plastic - it's also very convenient. The capacity must be filled with a half-prepared mass. And then - pour the product with vodka so that it covers the mixture. We throw there a pinch of cinnamon and a few buds of cloves. We insist in a dark and warm place for up to 3 weeks. Every day a lot of shaking. Then merge through cheesecloth. Add sugar to taste (but some varieties of apricots are so sweet that you need a little sugar). We pour out on bottles and cork. We store it in the kitchen cupboard or in the refrigerator. The apricot sediment remaining in a large bottle can be mixed with honey one to one and insisting for about a year ukuporennym: get a thick and fragrant liquor.

apricot filling recipe

Note: if someone does not like the taste of apricot kernels, you can do without them with almost the same success.

Without vodka

Apricot liqueur without vodka is not so strong,but also tasty. For its preparation you need fruits of apricots, sugar (the ratio is approximately 2: 1, you can less, depending on the natural sweetness of the fruit), spring water or purified.

apricot liqueur without vodka

  1. Apricots are mine and remove the stone. We cut into small slices. You can take and very soft fruits - without much difference, they even start up the juices faster.
  2. Prepare sugar syrup from a measured amount of sugar, taking a little water.
  3. Fill the fermentation tank with fruits, fillingher half. Pour warm syrup and mix. The capacity should be filled by 3/4, not more. We gently wrap the gauze with gauze and put it away in a warm and dark place.
  4. As soon as the characteristic signs of fermentation appear, we set the water seal according to the classical scheme to exclude the supply of additional air to the bottle.
  5. Usually the process lasts about a month, sometimes more.
  6. When the air ceases to emit, natural apricot liqueur is ready. The drink is filtered and bottled. Before use, it is advisable to withstand another 30-60 days in the cool.
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