/ / How to use pickle for cucumbers after extracting from a can of vegetables? Tips and unusual marinade recipes

How to use pickle for cucumbers after extracting vegetables from the can? Tips and unusual marinade recipes

Guess, as usually comes with marinade fromcanned vegetables? Hardly anyone cares about his future fate. It turns out that the delicious pickle for the cucumbers left in the bank can be successfully used not only to remove the hangover syndrome. Its usefulness and possible application is written below. Also in this article are some recipes describing how to make brine for cucumbers in unusual ways. Thanks to the new ingredients of the solutions, the dishes are spicy to taste.

brine for cucumbers

Pickle for cucumbers: benefits and possible uses

Normally, the remaining liquid after extraction frombanks of all pickled vegetables are not used. But in this pleasant taste of liquid contains many useful substances. What further use is possible for pickle from cucumbers?

Benefit and use:

  • perfectly removes hangover syndrome;
  • helps the body to recover with large losses of fluid and salts;
  • Used for dysbacteriosis and various infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
    how to make pickle for cucumbers
  • It is useful for spasms and cramps of limbs;
  • It is widely used in cooking for baking, vegetable cocktails, pickles and various sauces.

And to taste a mouth-watering refreshing liquideven more pleasant and aromatic, add more pickles and fresh herbs when pickling cucumbers in brine. Seasonings will help to saturate with vitamins and unusual taste not only harvested vegetables, but also the solution in which they are.

How to make an original pickle for cucumbers with bread? Description of the receipt of a quick savory snack


  • 1.5 kg of small fresh cucumbers;
  • 2 liters of raw water;
  • 4 full st. l. salts;
  • 3 full dess. l. Sahara;
  • 50 g of stale rye bread;
  • 1 medium bunch of fresh green dill with umbrellas.

tasty pickle for cucumbers


Boil the water, dissolve salt and sugar in it. On both sides of the cucumbers cut a few tips for better pickling. Stir them with chopped dill. Place the green mass in an enamel saucepan. Rye bread wrap in a 20 x 20 cm square of gauze or a very thin fabric. The resulting blank is placed in a saucepan over cucumbers. Pour boiling brine into a container. On top of the products put a little bend, so they were completely covered with liquid. A day later, lightly salted cucumbers in brine with bread are ready. Keep them in the refrigerator, removing the top gauze layer with a swollen crumb.

"Strong" pickle for cucumbers with vodka. Cooking tips

Taking the same number of cucumbers, salt and water,as in the previous recipe, you can get a slightly different dish. In addition to dill as a green dressing, use horseradish, black or red currant leaves, a few pieces of dry bay leaf and 5-6 whole black peppercorns. Mix the cucumbers with cooked seasonings and put them in a marinade dish. Water boil with table salt. In a cold pickle for cucumbers pour ½ of a faceted glass of vodka. With the resulting liquid, fill the pan and cover with a lid, leave for 1 day. The snack is very spicy, crunchy.

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