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Cognac "Old Barrel" - a drink worthy of gourmets

"Old Barrel" is a brand of classic cognac, which in terms of sales occupies a leading position in Russia on the alcohol market. This is due to its outstanding features.

Characteristics of the drink

cognac old barrel
Cognac "Old Barrel" has an average cost andgood quality, so quickly became popular among connoisseurs of alcohol. It is focused mainly on young consumers, as evidenced by the progressive and stylish design of the brand. Old Barrel in translation means "old barrel", this confirms that in the production process the classical method is used.

Attention deserves not only expressedsugar taste, pleasant amber hue, rich gentle-fruity aroma, but also original containers. It is a small barrel of transparent glass. The brand has been appreciated by many buyers. They say that their favorite drink was exactly the cognac "Old Barrel", reviews of which are only the most flattering.

Production features

cognac old winds

When making cognac usedexceptionally modern equipment. Each stage is strictly controlled so that important nuances are not lost. Drink no less than three years, spends inside oak barrels, to achieve excellent taste and amazing aroma. The cognac spirits necessary for production are delivered directly from France, and domestic raw materials are also used. Ingredients, in accordance with a special recipe, turns into a single whole blending specialist. Mixing takes place by a unique technology.

As a result, the cognac "Old Barrel" becomesstrong and quality. It has an average aftertaste, a refreshing taste, a marvelous aroma, in which the perfect combination of vanilla, spices, citrus fruits, berries and oak was found. The drink is designed for use in pure form, as well as for use as a constituent for cocktails.

Cognac culture

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This type of alcohol should be drunk on a specialritual, to feel all its subtle notes, to get maximum pleasure. For this, spherical sniffers are necessary. They are designed specifically to preserve and hold the fragrance inside. Cognac "Fazers Old Barrel" should not be poured to the very edges of the glass. Its level should be in the widest place of the sniffer. The volume will be approximately forty grams.

Experts advise first to catch a gentle smelldrink, then hold a small amount of cognac in your mouth, enjoying the bouquet, and then swallow it. To reduce the strength, it is acceptable to dilute the contents of the glass with water, tonic, milk. But you do not need to add a cola. Connoisseurs of cognac do not accept this. Also, do not drink it. In extreme cases, simple water is used.

Usually this type of alcohol is not a snack. If desired, you can combine it with fruits and coffee. Those who avoid the strictest rules of the culture of consumption, serve brandy "Old Barrel" with fried nuts, oysters, caviar, sea products, cheese and bitter chocolate.

The positive and negative properties of the drink

If you drink Old Barrel in small doses, then hewill be very useful for health. Especially for those who often suffer from low blood pressure. Cognac eliminates the sensation of general weakness, pain in the head, improves appetite, well affects the functioning of the digestive system.

If the drink is heated, then it will help in the earlystages of colds. Mixing it with honey and lemon, you can effectively fight the heat. Apply cognac "Old Barrel" and for cosmetic purposes. He as a part of masks bleaches a face, well cleanses a skin, destroys an acne eruption. It is also welcome to use it to strengthen hair.

The downside of alcohol is that it is notrecommended for use by people who suffer from diabetes, hypertension, cholelithiasis, obesity. Naturally, to apply it for the purpose of treatment should be in small doses, otherwise there is a chance of alcoholism.

Buying a drink

cognac old barrel 5

You can buy brandy "Old Barrel 5" for yourself,To stimulate the appetite before dinner, during a big celebration, a fun party, a romantic date, and as a gift. It's not a shame to give real gourmets, because the bottle looks stylish, and the content is of excellent quality.

Drink will be a good addition to the festivetable, or a welcome specimen in the collection of home-made alcohol. Buy it can be in different volumes, from 250 milliliters to a liter. If you plan to give cognac as a present, then it should be supplemented with appropriate accessories - sniffers, flask or fruit. The gift is suitable for both men and women.

Thus, the cognac of Fathers Old Barrel isworthy drink of good quality at an affordable price. It has an unobtrusive saturated smell, a wonderful sugar flavor and progressive packaging. The drink is useful in small amounts, but excessive use should be avoided. To consume it costs according to the traditional rules, only then the alcohol will open as much as possible, bringing real pleasure.

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