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A healthy and tasty drink - grape juice for the winter

The beginning of autumn is always pleased with the abundance of grapes -amber, amethyst, opal treasure, which hangs heavily on branches and lies on the shelves of the market. From a variety of varieties, just run your eyes. How to deal with such an abundance of harvest? The best option is to prepare grape juice for the winter. It is a delicious and very useful drink for all members of the family. But not everyone knows the recipe. Although in fact the process of preparing it is quite simple. We will tell you how to properly and simply preserve grape juice in order to enjoy in winter and replenish your body with vitamins.

grape juice for the winter

Ways of obtaining juice

The only difficulty that arises isavailability of grape press. It is not recommended to use the juicer, because the bones will be ground and will give the juice a bit of tannin, it will be cloudy and not very tasty. Prepare grape juice for the winter in an improvised way with the help of gauze or a stop-over is rather troublesome, and for a long time. If, of course, the volumes of raw materials are small, then we can use this method. But the best is still a grape press.


To make a good grape juice onwinter, berries must be taken only ripe, not damaged. Crushed and with traces of decay immediately selected. If the grapes from your site, and you processed it, you need to remove the remnants of chemicals. To do this, the berries for a while fall into the water, then under running water are washed. Unlike other juices, grape requires sterilization at a temperature of 80 ° C, so that the fermentation process does not occur. But here you also need to be very careful. After all, if the temperature is raised to 95 ° C, the drink will forever lose its useful properties.

grape juice for the winter recipe

Grape juice for winter: a recipe for cooking

Grapes mine, we clear of the spoiled berries. Next, using a press of grapes squeeze the juice. We use the whole branch without breaking off the berries. Squeezed juice should be left at night in a cool place so that a deposit forms on the bottom of the tank. The dishes should only be made of stainless steel or enameled.

The next day the juice should be neatpour into another container so as not to pick up the residue. If you failed to drain the juice clean, then, after the seaming, it will be cloudy. With the right actions, the drink will turn out to be beautiful, light and transparent.

Next, we place the dishes with grape juice on the fireand minutes 15 boil. We must remove the foam. Grape juice for the winter is ready. We pour it hot on sterilized jars. We roll up the covers. As soon as the banks cool down, we remove them for storage.

The juice from grapes is so useful and valuable thatthere is a treatment for them, which is called ampelotherapy. In addition, it is widely used in cosmetology for the manufacture of masks that promote skin rejuvenation.

canned grape juice

If you prepare enough juice in the fall, thenwinter-spring period, when the body so needs additional portions of vitamins, on your table not only on holidays, but on weekdays there will always be a useful and tasty drink.

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