/ Compote is better from cranberry!

And from cranberry compote is better!

On the shelves of shops a number of types of juicedifficult to count on the fingers, companies are trying to eclip each other with the brightness of packages and promising inscriptions. But can it be said with certainty that it is in this box of juice that there are no preservatives at all? It is worth pondering on this ... It is juice that is able to give vitamins that are necessary in the winter season, but there are very good reasons to believe that in modern juices there are no valuable substances left. Well, if there are no harmful elements there. But how then to get vitamins in the spring time, when the immunity is weakened, when the body requires something natural and, undoubtedly, useful. In this situation, the compote prepared from cranberry will be a salvation.

Cranberries are not just berry, it's very usefula fruit that will save not only from the common cold, but also will help to avoid a lot of other health problems. It is for this reason that it is worth considering how to brew compote from cranberries. The process of making such a drink is very simple, but in this case you can be sure that the benefits of compote will be palpable.

In addition to the simplicity of the cooking process,such a drink should be said and that of cranberries compote can be cooked in both summer and winter. You do not need to make huge reserves for several years ahead, enough to weld one or two cans, and after using to cook more. In summer and autumn, the drink can be prepared from fresh berries, in winter frozen cranberries are sold in stores. Freshly frozen product retains almost all the useful properties, so the compote made of cranberries will have value even in winter.

The following is a description of a simple processpreparation of a drink from this berry. How to prepare compote from cranberries? The recipe assumes the presence of 500 grams of cranberries, 800-1000 grams of sugar. The taste of the future compote depends on the amount of sugar used. Someone likes a slightly sour taste, someone likes a sugary and sweet drink - the amount of this component varies from individual desires. When all the products are available, you can start the process of preparing a useful drink from cranberries. Compote is done in three stages.

At the first stage, you should prepare berries. Fresh cranberries must be washed, cleaned of leaves and twigs and placed in a sterilized jar. Berries have to fill the space by a third. After this is done, you can proceed to the second stage.

Next, you need to make sugar syrup. For this, the sugar is placed in an enamel pot, poured with a liter of water and boiled for several minutes. After that, the berries are filled with syrup.

The next stage involves rolling up a jarsterilized covers. After the bank is tightly rolled up, it must be placed on a flat surface upside down and covered with a blanket. Let the freshly brewed compote stand for a couple of days, after which it can be placed in the refrigerator and drank chilled. Pleasures from such a drink will be received no less than from the juice purchased in the store, and the benefits are much greater. Therefore, when the question arises as to whether it is worth buying juice in a store, when it is possible to easily prepare a natural drink from cranberries, compote is undoubtedly able to collect more ticks in its favor.

In modern conditions, more need to be taken care ofown body, as well as the health of family and friends, so the use of natural products becomes the most preferable. It is for this reason that it is worth learning how to prepare compotes from different berries, including cranberries, which has a wide range of properties useful for each organism. Be healthy, drink natural drinks!

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