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How to make a cherry liqueur yourself

Cherry liqueur is considered one of the most delicioushome-made alcoholic beverages. In addition, it is extremely simple. You just have to be patient and give her a good time to ripen. We will tell you how to make the cherry liqueur yourself. And then you will surprise your guests by setting out on the table decanters with a beautiful and tasty dark red drink.

how to make cherry liquor

How to make cherry

First you need to stock up enoughquantity of cherries. Everyone for himself determines how many berries are needed to make the necessary amount of drink. For the most economical owners, we will give a recipe for a pure cherry alcoholic beverage, and then tell you how to increase its number. As a result, you will get a cherry pouring on alcohol, and a delicious wine.

It is best to take the Podbelsky variety - the most juicyand delicious. Berries need to be washed in running water and it is desirable to puncture each. This can be done at will, since the cherry will still release the juice. Bones do not remove - they give the product a pleasant astringency.

cherry liquor for alcohol

Washed cherries fall asleep in bulk bottles or inthree-liter cans about three quarters - on the shoulders. Every 3-5 centimeters of cherries need to be poured with about two tablespoons of sugar. This proportion is also conditional, since it is possible to make cherry liquor more sweet, increasing the amount of sugar, and more tart. As they say, the taste is personal.

Having fallen asleep a jar of berries with sugar, thenclose the lid with a water seal. The water shutter is easy to make - in the polyethylene lid a hole is made, into which approximately half a meter of an ordinary medical tube is inserted. The entrance of the tube into the lid is covered with a plasticine to seal it, and all this construction is put on the neck of the can. The free end of the tube is placed in a jar full of water. It is necessary to ensure that the auxiliary tank always has a proper water level, that is, that the end of the tube is always below the liquid level. However, to ensure that the container with a cherry did not get oxygen, you can and more simple ways. For example, no one prevents you from buying a shutter manufactured in an industrial way, or simply putting a surgical glove on the neck of the can. In one of the fingers, a tiny hole is just pierced with a needle. When the liqueur sparks, the carbon dioxide will inflate the glove and will slowly pour through the puncture, not letting in oxygen, while at the same time not bringing the pressure to a critical level.

cherry liqueur with vodka

In order to accelerate the process, at the very beginningpreferably shake the bank. This will allow the sugar to dissolve faster in cherry juice. After the berries will give juice, and all the sugar will dissolve, the most difficult period comes, as it is impossible to make cherry pouring without the proper reserve of patience. You will now have to forget about your banks with berries for about one and a half to two months, placing them inaccessible to direct sunlight.

But you do not need to completely throw upbanks or bottles, since you need to monitor the fermentation process. As soon as the glove is "blown off" (or gas bubbles cease to emerge from the aqueous solution), the first stage can be considered complete.

The liquid is filtered, bottled. You can hold the first tasting. Just do not get carried away, as making cherry pouring in this way is half the battle. We still have berries. They can be eaten, you can cook a cake with them, or you can ... increase the amount of the drink. It will already be a cherry liqueur with vodka. Here, only bones are desirable to remove berries, because they can give already excessive bitterness and pronounced taste of cyanide. Although this is an amateur. Many drink with pleasure liqueur "Amaretto".

Fill cherry with vodka, add a little more sugar, you can put a little cinnamon and a few flowers of a carnation, put a water seal or put on a glove and again forget about it for three weeks.

At the end of this period, we empty the filling, we invite guests to the holiday! Have a nice feast!

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