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Restaurant "Maroussia" in Stavropol: address, description, menu

One of the most popular public institutionsfood in Stavropol is a restaurant with a cute name "Maroussia." It is located in the heart of the city. In this article, consider this institution. The menu and guest reviews will be described further.

restaurant marusya stavropol

Restaurant "Maroussia" in Stavropol: description

The city has enough diversified institutionscatering, but it is this place that particularly attracts local residents. What is the attraction force of the restaurant "Maroussia" in Stavropol? Let's make a virtual tour, and you will understand everything yourself. When you enter the restaurant, you instantly fall under the charm of the aura that reigns here.

Delicate beige and pink colors in the interiorcreate a sense of harmony and security. On the floor are carpets, on the tables are knitted napkins, pretty lampshades and everywhere there is a lot of greenery. It is homely and cozy here, but at the same time it is exquisite and elegant. The restaurant specializes in Serbian cuisine. All the food is delicious, and portions are so large that it will be enough for a few people. The attendants are attentive to every visitor. The restaurant is comfortable and fun even for a child.

Address and opening hours

Restaurant "Maroussia" in Stavropol is located on the street Bulkin, 11. At what time is it open to visitors? Every day from 12.00 to 00.00.

marusya restaurant stavropol menu

Food & Beverage

We suggest you to get acquainted with the variety of the menu in the restaurant "Maroussia". The main menu includes the following sections:

Cold and hot snacks

  • Fresh vegetables with homemade cheese and greens.
  • Assorted bruschetta.
  • A plate of fish delicacies.
  • Patties with salmon.

First meal

  • Hungarian goulash soup.
  • Chorba of sturgeon and salmon.
  • Solyanka.
  • Borscht.

Hot fish and meat dishes

  • Veal paprikas.
  • Baked chicken legs.
  • Greek steak.
  • Halibut fillet on vegetable cushions.
  • Dorado is a couple.


  • Cherry pie.
  • Chocolate cake.
  • Ice cream.
  • Medovik, etc.

The above list only a few sections and positionsfrom the main menu. It also has a bar chart, which is represented by a variety of wines and other stronger spirits. Impressive range of soft drinks: milkshakes, juices, mineral and carbonated water, fruit drinks, coffee. In the restaurant "Maroussia" in Stavropol a wide variety of tea. Among them:

  • ginger-raspberry;
  • sea-buckthorn with a pear;
  • green with jasmine;
  • milk oolong and others.

There is also a banquet and children's menu.

restaurant marusya stavropol reviews

Restaurant "Maroussia" in Stavropol: reviews

On the official site of the institution you canTo get acquainted with reviews that guests leave after visiting this place. They are only positive, you will not find any negative. What do they say? Visitors admire delicious food, quality service, thoughtful interiors, cozy atmosphere and many others. In the restaurant "Marusya" in Stavropol everything is thought out and done so that everyone can rest and relax. This will be possible even for couples with children. For them, all conditions are created: a separate menu, a special room with games, contests and entertainment, master classes are held.

In Stavropol there are many good institutions, but if your choice falls on the restaurant "Marusya" - you will not go wrong. Here you will be greeted as the most expensive guests.

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