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Strawberry jam. Recipe and cooking tips

All from childhood, probably, this signThe divine sugary taste of strawberry jam with pleasant sourness of berries. This is the most pleasant thing to eat with tea on a cold autumn or winter evening. But only conservation is far from everyone's liking. Many sweets because of the abundance of ready-made products in stores prefer to buy strawberry jam in supermarkets. But here sometimes there is one small snag. It seems that the content of the treasured jar completely corresponds to what is desired, but the inscription on the buyer's label is confused by an incomprehensible foreign word. "Strawberry jam," what is it?

From jam this product is distinguished by a homogeneousconsistency without whole berries. When making jam, strawberries are mixed with granulated sugar and rubbed to a mushy condition. In addition, jam is more liquid due to the fact that it does not contain gelatin, which makes the shop delicacy more dense and viscous.

Strawberry jam is good to add to baking,use it as a filling for a sweet pie. It can even be diluted with water and consumed as a mors, a refreshing and very useful beverage in the heat. Thanks to the unique properties of strawberries, this product is an excellent prevention of colds. But this delicacy can easily be prepared at home. In this case, it will be no worse than the store one, and the cost will be significantly lower. Below is a recipe that you can prepare strawberry jam with your own hands. But first of all, read the helpful tips.

  • Use for cooking utensils made of aluminum or copper. When heated, it does not give harmful substances that can get into the jam.
  • Stir the mass during cooking is followed by a spatula or false wood. In such a finished product will not have foreign flavors.
  • If you want, that jam (strawberry or any other, it is unimportant) was stored for a long time, do not forget how to sterilize both the dishes and the lids to it.
  • Sugar before adding is better to warm up(but not melted) so that it dissolves better and does not form hard lumps. To do this, pour it on a baking tray, evenly spreading all over the surface, and put it into the oven for about 10 minutes, heated to 100 degrees.
  • To the banks with the finished product did not start the processes of fermentation and decay, be sure to thoroughly wash the strawberries. It is advisable to change the water several times.
  • Strawberry jam requires perfectly pure berries without leaves and twigs. Crush them before sugar is added. Use a blender or mixer to speed up the procedure.


How to make strawberry jam at home? Everything is very simple. For 1 kg of pre-ground berries you will need a lemon zest, cut from 2 fruits, and juice squeezed out of them. Everything is mixed and put on fire. The mass must be brought to the boiling point, then boil for 5 minutes (no more). The mixture is added sugar pre-heated. After that strawberry jam is again brought to a boil, but it is cooked for 20 minutes. Reduce the heat so that the mass bubbles slightly. On the surface will form a foam, which must be removed. Strawberry jam is ready. Let the product infuse for 10 minutes, then pour over the already sterilized for a couple of banks and roll. You can try the delicacy in a couple of weeks. If you want to get the product as a result, at a consistency similar to the store, add some food gelatin to it. Then you can easily use such a jam to decorate baking and filling (it will not spread and burn).

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