/ How to quickly prepare a fragrant popcorn in a multivariate?

How to quickly prepare a fragrant popcorn in a multivariate?

A fragrant and sweet popcorn is loved by adults and children. It is customary to buy in a movie theater, so that, enjoying watching your favorite movie, crunch a wonderful treat. Few people know that this dish, cooked at home without chemical additives, is the leader in the content of antioxidants - substances that can remove slags from our body. But how fast to cook popcorn in a multivariate to feed the whole family?

Popcorn in the Multivariate

What ingredients will be needed?

To prepare a delicacy, of course, you needcorn. You can go in a simple way and buy in the store ready grains, packaged in packages. As a rule, they are written: "Corn for popcorn." Such grains easily burst when heated. You can find corn with a different taste and even color. True, popcorn in a multivarquet, prepared from such packages, will not be useful, since it contains dyes and preservatives. The second option will take you more time. You will have to find in the store in advance a corn of a special variety and dry it thoroughly. This variety is called "rice corn". Before preparing popcorn in a multivark, pick out the mature grains without touching the base of the cob. Of these, we will prepare a delicious treat. In addition, you will need three teaspoons of vegetable or olive oil, as well as sugar or caramel. Alternatively, you can prepare a salty dish, for example, for a husband. To do this, buy a fine salt.

popcorn in the multivark redmond

How to cook sweet popcorn in a multivariate?

If you bought ready-made grain, then the package neededbreaking the seal. Corn grains need to be put in a deep container. To prepare one serving, take no more than a handful of corn, as when heated it grows very large in size. Add the vegetable oil and mix the foods. Now close the multivark cover and set the soup mode. Press the start button. The grains will start to burst, and you will hear a loud crack. This will last 3-4 minutes. When the cracking stops, you can turn off the multivark. Do not cook a delicacy long, otherwise the dish will burn. Popcorn in the multivark Redmond will be very delicious if you sprinkle it with powdered sugar or molten caramel. Those who prefer a salty version, can sprinkle it with a small amount of fine salt.

popcorn in the multi-bar Panasonic

Bon Appetit!

Do you make popcorn in the multinark "Panasonic"or "Phillips" (or any other), most importantly - to choose the right grade of corn. Otherwise, the grains will not burst and increase in size. And instead of a crunchy treat you will get cracked and burnt seeds, unfit for consumption. If you do it right, you do not have to go to the cinema to watch your favorite movie. After all, delicious fresh popcorn will be right at your house. Experiment, add home colors or various syrups, for example, chocolate or crimson. Surprise your relatives with the new non-standard flavors of this usual, but beloved treat. Bon Appetit!

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