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Homemade jam from apricots: how to cook it right?

What is homemade jam? It is a real storehouse of vitamins, a natural treat that will be appropriate on any holiday table. And how nice to pamper your family with a variety of pastries with a juicy fruit filling from

Jam from apricots how to cook
jam. But what kind of delicacy you can prepare yourself without any special financial and time costs? The answer is simple - apricot jam. The recipe with a photo of the finished product will help you in this matter.

First you need to stock up in advancesuitable products. Apricots must be chosen carefully, so that you do not come across rotten and sick fruits. Only from such products it is possible to prepare a really tasty jam, which will be stored for a very long time without losing all qualities. Ideally, the fruit should be medium-sized, ripe, but not spilled. However, it is almost impossible to find such fruits. Therefore, in principle, apricots of any kind and degree of maturity can be used.

Quite often this kind of delicacy is prepared with the addition of additional

Apricot jam recipe with photo
products. Jam from apricots with almonds or walnuts is very popular in many families. However, today the simplest recipe will be described, which is recommended to be used as a base for preparation of more complex varieties of dessert.

You will need the following set of products: 2 kilograms of apricots of any kind, half a teaspoon of citric acid, as well as sugar (1.5 kg is enough). As you can see, no exotics. Everything is quite simple, so the hostess will manage.

So, let's start cooking. We should get a simple, but at the same time, very tasty jam from apricots. How to cook this home-made miracle? First, prepare the fruit. Apricots must be thoroughly washed, then divided into halves and extracted from the pulp bone. As a rule, not all fruit can boast a delicious core (core). Some bones can give a ready jam a palpable bitterness. Therefore, it is better to get rid of them just in case. Then you will succeed

Jam from apricots with almonds
very tasty and tender jam from apricots. How to cook the fruit next? Follow the recipe.

Take a deep vessel, which will beto cook a dish. Put half the fruit in it so that they look up empty pith-free cores. Pour an even layer of sugar. Then follow the apricots again. And so on, until you run out of both products. Cover the dishes with a towel and leave for about 10-12 hours at room temperature. Do not stand longer than that, so you do not get a sour jam from apricots. How to cook this delicacy next?

Put a bowl of fruit and sugar on the stove. Must appear juice. Gently mix everything and add citric acid. Bring the mass to a boil. After this, it should be cooked for about 40 minutes over low heat with constant stirring. There are very few left. You have almost ready a delicious jam from apricots. How to cook it, we already learned. It remains only to choose the right dishes for storage. The mass must be still hot to be decomposed according to previously sterilized cans. Do this as tightly as possible so that there is no air in the container. Roll out all the cans with tin lids, let it brew. Jam can be cleaned in a cool dark place.

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