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Cook jam in the multivark

Probably, everyone likes to drink tea in the winter withstrawberry, raspberry or apricot jam. But in order to enjoy such a delicious and sweet dish in the cold season, it is necessary to prepare this dish in the summer. Today it is becoming more and more popular to make jam in a multivarquet. Such popularity is due to the fact that a multivark is a device that significantly saves cooking time for certain dishes.

Strawberry jam in the multivariate

Features of cooking jam in a multivark

It is immediately worth noting that a large numberjam in the multivarquet will not work. This is due primarily to the fact that the volume of the bowl of this type of technology does not allow you to fit a sufficient number of berries or fruits at once.

That's why, if you want to cook, for example, strawberry jam in a multivark, then you can not count on large volumes of a dish so beloved by all.

It would be superfluous to also mention another featurecooking such a dish as a jam in a multivark. If you cook a dish with an open lid, it will get quite thick. If the cooking process proceeds with a closed lid, the dish will have a fairly liquid consistency. This feature is due to the fact that steam is stored on the closed lid, which then falls into the jam.

The recipe for cooking jam in a multivark

For today on the Internet existsa lot of recipes, according to which you can make jam in a multivark. It should immediately be noted that the responses of many housewives about the preparation of this dish in this kind of equipment are mostly positive only.

How to brew jam in a multivariate

Now it's worth talking about how to cook jam in the multivark. The main ingredient will be apricot. To prepare this dish, we need the following ingredients:

  • 500 grams of fresh apricots, peeled;
  • half a lemon;
  • 300 grams of granulated sugar.

Jam in the Multivariate
Pitted and well washed apricotsit will be necessary to cut into halves - so the dish will turn out very beautiful. However, you can cut into small cubes. From half a lemon squeeze the juice into a bowl with sliced ​​apricot. All this we fall asleep with 300 grams of sugar and mix a little. It is desirable to carry out this process immediately in the bowl from the multivark.

For cooking jam, the temperature regimes "Quenching" or "Baking" are perfectly suitable.
In order to prepare a jam, usually60 minutes is enough. It would be superfluous to mention that if you prepare a dish in the "Baking" mode, then the cover of the multivark will need to be opened. Do not forget to stir the jam regularly, so that the apricot slices do not burn or stick to the bottom of the bowl. Prepared jam should be immediately poured into sterilized jars, which then need to be tightly rolled up and turned upside down. That's it. Our jam in the multivark is ready, it remains only to serve it in a beautiful vase to the table and enjoy tea-drinking with family and friends.

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