/ Whiskey at home. Making whiskey at home

Whiskey at home. Making whiskey at home

This is the world's famous alcoholic beverage,which is considered noble and prestigious, it differs from others in its unique taste and special cooking technology. You can make a lot of different cocktails, which will be to your taste without fail. Everyone ever dreamed of trying it, at least a little bit.

whiskey at home

And you know that you can not look for this nobledrink for a very large price in stores, and cook whiskey at home? Of course, this is at first glance a hard, long and energy-intensive process. The recipe for cooking can vary, in different countries it is filled with its color. But the main ingredients are still there - they are cereals (barley, wheat, corn, rye or rice). Such food can be easily found in any, even the smallest store. Do not worry, everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

The homeland of the drink is Ireland or Scotland. Each country considers whiskey its drink. It is produced in the USA and Japan, also received the name in the American manner - bourbon.

whiskey making at home

What kind of utensils are needed to serve whiskey?

This drink can also be called "cowboyvodka. "Whiskey, cooked at home, some served in glasses of round shape, others - in octagonal.The main thing is that the glass had a thick bottom and was low.If you have good health and you like to drink whiskey in undiluted form, then easily You can do with tulip-shaped glasses.The shape of these glasses is created in such a way that the aroma does not evaporate.

to make whiskey at home

How to prepare oak bars

Making whiskey at home is quitesimple, just need to properly prepare the bars of oak, which then fall asleep in the vessel. Burn these bars in an oven so that smoke appears. After this, prepare a container, the volume of which is 2 liters. For one third fill it with shavings from the oak, fold into it the pre-burned bars in the oven. Pour the same boiling water, add a little soda. Now leave to infuse until the water cools. Next, drain the water, which has already become brown, and fill with fresh water bruski. Do this about three times. This removes the tannins that change the taste of the drink.

Recipe for beer malt

to cook whiskey at home

Have you decided to make whiskey at home? Try this recipe with beer malt. You need about two kilograms of malt, which we pour water (10 liters). Now slowly heat the steam to 65 degrees. Reduce the power of the steam generator and keep this temperature for one hour. Next, heat to 75 degrees and wait until it cools down. Now add the yeast and put it on the distillation. Instead of a steam generator, you can use an ordinary electric cooker. Stir thoroughly and make sure that the wort you brew does not burn. Before the process of distillation, we must weed out all the excess from the brag. To do this, take a strainer or a net colander and filter.

We prepare whiskey according to American traditions

To independently reproduce the whiskey inat home, it is necessary to have such products: 8 kg of corn in a crushed form (crushed or ground), 1 kg of barley (can be replaced with barley malt), 1 kg of flour (rye or wheat), 100 gr. yeast.

How to cook? Strictly adhere to the recipe, and then everything will turn out as it should. In a bowl for 50 liters, stir the flour and corn. Fill it with boiling water (you need 3 buckets). Now leave to simmer on low heat for about 4 hours. As a result, the mass must turn into a liquid slurry. Turn off the heat and leave to cool to a temperature of 60 degrees.

Then add the barley malt and stir. It is important to adhere to a temperature of 60 degrees for 2 hours all the time. It's easy - just wrap up the dishes. The action of barley malt causes the starch in the ground grain to turn into malt sugar. The mass is cooled to room temperature, which means that yeast should be added. The fermentation time is about 6 days. The alcohol content in the fermented brew reaches 7%.

cooking whiskey at home

The steam engine is distilled. The strong alcohol obtained is cleaned with a carbon filter. It is best to keep the purified alcohol in oak barrels. But you can apply an analogue - alcohol is bottled in cans, there are put pieces of pre-burned oak wood (only not coniferous species). All insists exactly a year. The alcohol is diluted and filtered. By tradition, the fortress reaches 40 degrees.

Tips for those who cook whiskey

1. Carrying out the distillation qualitatively and carefully, you will achieve removal of the fusel impurities from the drink, which spoil the taste.

2. If you use steam distillation, you will get rid of the long wort filtration procedure, and you will not have to remove the sediment either.

3. In order to cook whiskey at home, buy barrels of small sizes. This is necessary in order to quickly pass the necessary processes, such as diffusion, extraction and gas exchange.

production of whiskey at home

4. Before adding alcohol to the barrel, it is recommended to insist it in a glass or metal vessel in advance, which is filled with oak sawdust.

5. Do not be afraid to prepare a drink yourself - you boast of your skill, and maybe you'll come up with a different, more interesting way of cooking.

6. If you use steam heating to make wort, you will reduce losses, and the drink will become several times more delicious.

How to make a drink from alcohol

And you have already tried making whiskey inhome conditions? What if the basis for the recipe is alcohol? It is necessary to prepare ordinary alcohol, used for food purposes, to dilute it to a value of 50 degrees with water. Lay oak sawdust on the bottom of the required capacity and so insist. After 7 days the drink can be filtered and tasted. Of course, it is called with a stretch of whiskey, but still the taste, they say, is interesting.

We prepare a drink from moonshine

Take 3 liters of moonshine (45%). Then grind 50 g of charcoal until it becomes a dust. Put in the jar traditionally the bark of oak (buy in a pharmacy), dried apricots (7 berries) and coal. Fill one and a half liter of moonshine and well all stir. Next, add the moonshine, which remained. Please note that the bank is filled to the brim. Put in a dark place in tightly closed for two weeks. Then filter through gauze and try.

The production of whiskey at home has already been tested, now let's try to prepare several cocktails with a noble drink.

1. "Evening in London". Prepare and cool 250 ml of tea, add 60 ml of whiskey, ice and lemon. Sugar is not added.

2. Manhattan. Mix in the shaker 20 ml vermouth, 40 ml beverage, 10 ml vodka and shake. Add ice, lemon or orange.

If you cooked whiskey at home, then it's much nicer to drink, because you created your own famous drink. Feel free to organize a cocktail party!

And a little more about the drink

This drink can be called cereal brandy, itsomething reminiscent of brandy. As you have noticed, the preparation of whiskey at home almost does not differ from ordinary brewing. Due to the fact that the drink should be infused in oak barrels, you get a completely different, interesting and characteristic flavor.

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