/ Tasty steam cutlets. Recipe for meat, fish and poultry

Tasty steam cutlets. Recipe for meat, fish and poultry

Recently, food cooked for a couple,became especially popular. It is more useful and does not contain carcinogens, which are present, for example, in fried cutlets. From any type of meat, fish or poultry, you can cook steamed chops. The recipe may differ by the presence of some ingredients or spices.

Use what is available: pork, veal or beef. We need about half a kilogram of any meat. Make minced meat using a meat grinder. Now add salt and any spices as desired. You can finely chop the onion and add it to the cutlets. Next, put the cutlets in the steamer and set to prepare. If you do not have a steamer, then you can use a stewpan. We lay out the formed cutlets on the bottom. Add to the stewpan about 100 grams of good quality wine, lemon juice, 100 ml of broth and a small slice of butter. It is necessary that the liquid covers the cutlets half. We put it on the fire and, when the water boils, we reduce it to a minimum, but so that the liquid boils. Served with mashed potatoes, salad or fresh vegetables.

Very useful for young children are consideredit's steam cutlets. The recipe is easy, and you can quickly prepare dinner for the whole family. As the main ingredient you can take fish. It will take about 800 grams. First you need to separate it and separate the bones. The skin can also not be used. We grind fish in a meat grinder and also treat with 100 grams of bread, which must be soaked in milk. Now add any spices and salt to the fish mince. Next, you need to drive in two chicken eggs and mix everything well and even whip it up a little. Now proceed to the formation of cutlets. Grate in a double boiler and grease and spread on it cutlets. Close the steamer and cook our dish. Steam steaks in a double boiler can be cooked without much trouble. But in its absence, use the above method.

Here's how to cook steamed chicken. The recipe for them is fast and the dish turns out to be dietary. We take chicken minced meat. If the chicken is whole, then separate the meat from the bones and twist it with the help of a meat grinder. Then add a little white ground bread, soaked in milk, and again we pass through the meat grinder. Then ripen the salt and any spices. You can add a little, about a tablespoon, mayonnaise, for juiciness. Also we put in a piece of butter. All ingredients are well mixed. Now we need to make cutlets. If the mince sticks to your hands, then soak them with cold water. We put the cutlets in the steamer and cook. You can serve with garnish or fresh vegetables. If there is no steamer, then you can do the old way of cooking for a couple. We take a colander and put it on a pot of boiling water. Cover it with a lid. Fire do a little, but watch to keep the water boiling. We keep the cutlets until they are ready.

Dietary turkey meat is also greatfor cooking this dish. To do this, take the flesh of the turkey (you can take the breast) and let it through the meat grinder along with a small amount of onions. Further finely chop the greens (any, to taste) and add to the stuffing. Salt and any spices of rye at will. Then you need to form cutlets and put them in a steamer. We do this so that there is not much space between them. Steam cutlets from turkey are cooked for about 20-30 minutes. We serve vegetables or green beans for garnish. They can also be cooked in a double boiler, laid out on the upper level.

Food steamed is very useful,especially small children. Cook them delicious steamed chops. The recipe can be taken any and supplemented with a side dish or salad. Also, if desired, add finely chopped onion or greens.

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