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Recipe for plum sauce for meat: Georgian and Chinese theme

Culinary specialists of many countries in different parts of the worldhave long been paying attention to these juicy and tender fruits. And the plum sauce recipe for meat is present in several national cuisines. This is called, for example, one of the most common Chinese spices, quite often used for cooking national dishes. And the Georgian plum sauce recipe for meat - tkemali - is probably distributed throughout the post-Soviet territory. Thus, they use juicy fruits almost everywhere, where they grow, adding a dish to their national flavor. But the base remains unchanged: different sorts of plums, spices, spices, sometimes other vegetables and fruits. Each recipe of plum sauce for meat has its original and unique taste, proven centuries. Let's start with the notorious tkemali - the legendary Georgian cuisine.

plum sauce recipe for meat

Plum sauce for meat. Recipe from sunny Georgia

A wonderful taste is given to him by a special sort of plums,spread in Georgia. Already in the middle of spring here the first fruits of plum spread (cherry plum) appear. These are not yet ripe fruits and are used for cooking tkemali. It is served to many, mostly meat dishes. It is prepared during all summertime, and friends, neighbors, relatives are invited to the feasts according to the existing tradition: Georgia is a very hospitable country. In different parts of the country, the recipe for plum sauce for meat can vary, but the Georgian flavor remains always.

What you need for cooking tkemali

  1. Alycha is green, sourish, not yet ripe.
  2. Ombalo is a marsh mint. True, outside Georgia it's quite problematic to get it, but if you're going to do everything according to the rules, then you'll have to strain up. Usually it is obtained in the market from Georgian or other eastern sellers of spices.
  3. Garlic is an important ingredient. Without it, many oriental dishes can not be avoided.
  4. Required: coriander and dill, coriander and red pepper. Sometimes add other seasonings. Well, salt - where without it.
    plum sauce to meat recipe


Tkemali - plum sauce for meat. The recipe for cooking it is not so complicated. The main thing (if you have all the necessary ingredients) is to follow the sequence of actions, temperature regimes and cooking time.

  1. Sour plum (take a whole bucket - 10 kg,that is enough to preserve, and then the sauce is so delicious that it is very quickly eaten), it is necessary to thoroughly rinse and clean. Then cook it in a large container for about 40 minutes, fill it with water to cover the product.
  2. Then, through a large sieve, wipe the sink, at the same time pulling out the bones and removing the peel. It turns out mush consistency of mashed green. Puree continue to cook on a small fire.
  3. When the sour cream consistency is achieved,we introduce seasonings in a rather large quantity, pre-chopped and chopped, garlic crushed or finely chopped, red pepper bitter. Here you yourself vary the amount: love more sharply - more pepper and garlic, if not, then give preference to herbs and spices (based on approximately a bunch of herbs and a head of garlic for each kilogram of the main product - plums). Be sure to add marsh mint a small teaspoon. It will add extra piquancy to the dish.
  4. Everything is carefully kneaded in the vessel and practicallyimmediately turn off, as many spices do not like long-term heat treatment. Our tkemali sauce is ready. A little let him brew and can be served to the table.
  5. If you intend to procure it for future use, then you can use half-liter glass jars. Place the sauce and sterilize it in the cans for a while. Then roll up.

A few secrets from experienced chefs

  • When cooking plum puree constantly stir with a wooden spatula, or else it can burn.
  • Do not add vinegar in any way, even with conservation.
  • When preparing for winter, a spoon of lean oil is added under the lid. This protects the sauce from spoilage.
    plum sauce to meat recipe with photo

Chinese plum sauce for meat. Recipe with a photo

The Chinese this seasoning is also quiteis in demand and is often used along with some dishes. Chinese plum sauce for meat (the recipe with the photo - below) is prepared no less simply than the Georgian. The thing here is in the ingredients, which differ quite significantly. Another fundamental difference is the use of vinegar. It tastes sweet and sour, spicy and tangy.

stewed plum sauce to meat recipe


  • Plums sweet and sour (prunes) - 1,5 kg.
  • Two heads of onions.
  • Ginger fresh (root) - a piece about 2 cm long.
  • A pair of cloves of garlic.
  • Half a glass of brown cane sugar and as much white.
  • Half a cup of apple or rice vinegar.
  • A small spoonful of coriander seeds.
  • At the tip of the knife: cinnamon, cloves ground, pepper cayenne, salt to taste.
    plum sauce recipe for meat


Usually stewed plum sauce for meat (Chinese recipe) is prepared from plums, in which the stone has been removed and the skin removed. Coping with this will help scalding the fruits with boiling water.

  1. Plums, filled with a glass of water, simmer on fine fire to a mashed potato state for 30 minutes. To make this easier, you can use a pre-blender.
  2. Ginger, onions, garlic, grind and add to the mass. We add other ingredients to it. Extinguish about 40 minutes on the very fact that there is a weak fire - the mass should be slightly puffed, not bubbling. Stir constantly with a wooden spatula, or it can burn!
    plum sauce for meat recipe for winter
  3. After the specified time we pour on bankshot plum sauce to meat. The recipe for the winter already includes the necessary amount of vinegar, so you can safely roll up, pre-pasteurizing in boiling water for 30 minutes.
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