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Home made of apricots. How to cook?

At home, cooking is possible.amazing berry and fruit fillings on the basis of alcohol and without it. Very tasty is obtained by filling from apricots. It is very sweet and fragrant. The main thing is to make it right. It's about her cooking at home and we'll talk.

apricot filling

Useful tips to help make your fill amazing

Pouring from apricots will be very delicious if you follow these rules:

  • remove the stones from the apricots, because if you do not do this, the pouring will not work, since the apricots contain the cyanide acid;
  • it is better not to wash the apricots, just before the process begins, wipe them with a towel, as on the surface there are "wild" yeast, which are needed for fermentation;
  • Do not use rotten apricots to prepare the liqueur.

apricot pouring without vodka

Preparation of homemade vodka without vodka

Apricot pouring without vodka is prepared verysimple and it turns out very tasty. True, the time is very high, but it's worth it. So, you need 5 liters of water, 3 kilograms of apricots, as well as lemon in the amount of 2 pcs. on 4,5 liters of the received juice, 6 glasses of sugar and yeast in calculation on half of a table spoon for each 4,5 liters of juice.

Work should begin with the cleansing of apricots fromossicles, it is best to do this by cutting the product in half and carefully taking out the stone. Half the fruits, which are pitted, pile into a pan so you can pour them. For the next stage of cooking, bring 5 liters of water to a boil, then pour half of the apricot with boiling water. In advance it is necessary to prepare a press in order to squeeze out all the juice. If the apricots are already filled with boiling water, then they must be put under the press and leave for 4 days. Then the resulting mass is worth filtering and adding to it the squeezed juice of two lemons. Also add sugar and yeast, place the resulting mixture in a dark room, the temperature in which does not exceed 20 degrees. In this room, the filling of apricots should be the entire process of fermentation.

After the end of the fermentation process, usingfilter, strain the wine into a wooden barrel. Then close the lid and leave it for another six months in a dark room. At the end of this time, pour the bottles into bottles and leave them in a cold room for up to 4 months. So, the delicious filling from apricot without vodka is ready!

home-made apricot

Home apricot filling with the addition of grape wine

Home-stuffing from apricots for its taste qualities is not inferior even to the most expensive wine. You can see for yourself in this by preparing the liquid for this recipe. Your guests will appreciate it!

So, next we will talk about how to cooka filling from apricots with the addition of grape wine. To do this you will need: 5 liters of clean water, 3 kilograms of sugar, 5 kilograms of apricots, pre-peeled. The highlight of this recipe is such products as 1 liter of table wine, it is better to choose white, and also a tablespoon of chopped nutmeg.

Now let's start preparing the liqueur. Pulp, naturally, without pits, grind, but do not turn it into porridge. Before grinding apricots, put 5 liters of water to boil. All the apricot pulp that has formed is filled with boiled water mixed with sugar. In the resulting mixture pour the grape wine, and add nutmeg.

Next, the resulting mixture for a week is necessarysend to a dark cool place for the process of fermentation. The next step is to drain all the liquid from the pan and, after filtering it, pour into a clean bottle, and then leave to settle. Pour the filling into bottles. The product is ready for use!

how to prepare a filling from apricots

What kind of apricot is better for liqueur?

A pour from apricots will surprise any gourmet, after allIt is remembered by its beautiful color, depending on the variety of fruits, and an amazing taste and aroma. For cooking apricot, you can use both wild and cultivated varieties. If you use wild varieties, the liqueur will have a wonderful aroma, but it may not be sweet enough, but in the case of cultivars, everything is the other way around. To prepare an amazing nourishing from apricots, you do not need to be a professional in this business. It is enough to buy all the ingredients from the list for cooking, as well as carefully study the recipe for making the liqueur itself.

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