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Benefits of kiwi fruit and harm - consider a fluffy green fruit closer

Bright green fruit with a furry skinmany. The benefits of kiwi and harm are something that is often not thought of first. After all, the main thing in it is taste. Acidic, slightly reminiscent of gooseberry, it perfectly harmonizes with both sweet dishes (various fruit salads, cupcakes, jellies), and with poultry, fish, seafood. Let's summarize the various properties of kiwi. A fruit, the benefits and harms of which are determined by the vitamins and biologically active substances that enter it, are loved by many. Knowledge of this fruit will help to understand whether it is worth including this dietary product in your menu and how best to do it.

The benefits of kiwi and harm

Benefits of kiwi fruit and harm

The use of this fruit helps the bodyupdated. It contains actinidin, a substance responsible for the synthesis of proteins and improving blood coagulability. People who are depressed need to eat kiwi (the benefits and harms of this fruit are well studied by dietitians), because it helps to produce endorphins. And this substance, in turn, affects stress resistance and good mood. Kiwi was discovered as a cultural plant by an amateur gardener from New Zealand in the mid-nineteenth century. In this country, the fruit was grown for a long time without paying special attention to this plant.

 kiwi good and bad
During the global industrial crisis, kiwibegan to export to North America and Europe, where it was first called "Chinese gooseberry". To date, the benefits of kiwi fruit and harm have been repeatedly studied and analyzed by scientists. This fruit is now cultivated in many warm countries (in Israel, in the southern US states, in the south of France). The optimum ripeness of kiwi is considered to be such that it is already slightly soft. But in a fully ripe state it is difficult to transport. Therefore rip off slightly slightly unripe fruit. Kiwi before consumption is almost always peeled (although there are lovers there is a whole fruit that believes that the villi of the skin is good for peristalsis) or cut in half and eaten with a spoon. This product does not contain fat, because of this it is extremely useful for those who want to lose weight. In kiwi, a lot of vitamins - from vitamin C to rare B9. The fruit contains a large percentage of magnesium and potassium - it helps to normalize digestion, to normalize the nervous system, to remove excess cholesterol from the body. Also kiwi absorbs nitrates and other harmful substances. Many people know that completing a meal eating fruit for dessert is not very useful for the digestive system. However, if you can not deny yourself sweets, you need to choose kiwi - it will fit perfectly into even the most dense dinner or dinner, neutralize the feeling of heaviness from the abuse of fatty foods, prevent heartburn and eructation.
kiwi fruit is good and bad

Benefits of kiwi and harm - where to wait for danger?

But in some cases it is necessary to limit the usethis fruit. After all, it is a very strong allergen. Little children and people prone to food allergies should eat it very carefully. After all, not only the usual manifestations in the form of redness of the skin, itching, swelling are possible. Kiwi can provoke an extremely strong allergic reaction, right up to anaphylactic shock.

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