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Grapefruit baked: several recipes of healthy dietary dessert

It is hardly possible to meet a person who couldwith ease to give up a delicious dessert. Perhaps the only thing that can push such a decision is calories, well, or any serious health problems, making their own adjustments. Find yourself a dessert that will be tasty, useful, and even on the sides will not be postponed, - truly a dream of any sweet tooth. And such delicacies really exist, and to cook them is a mere trifle. Have you ever tried grapefruit baked with cinnamon, honey or berries? No? Then this article is absolutely for you. We will prepare a real cocktail of vitamins, pleasant aromas and excellent mood! And believe me, it will not just be delicious, but also very useful, especially in autumn or winter, when you want something cozy, sweet and vitamin. So, let's get started.

Bake grapefruit with cinnamon

Many people do not like grapefruit for specificsmack, and some he conquers. But anyway, this version of cooking will suit both. Bitterness of the grapefruit will not be so pronounced, and the cinnamon will give the fruit its special charm, and we will certainly add sugar.

grapefruit baked

Baked grapefruit with cinnamon cook at allnot difficult. Buy a few ripe fruits, stock up with ground cinnamon, butter and sugar (preferably brown). While the grapefruit is ready for baking, the oven is already warmed up, because we include it first: 180 degrees and the upper mode.

Grapefruit is mine, slightly cut the skin on the "asses"from both sides, this will make our food stable. After two parts, cut our grapefruit. Baked, it will be more juicy, so it is better to separate the pulp from the film and peel in advance. And we do it this way: take a sharp thin knife and carefully cut the flesh in the places where there are partitions, and where the flesh is attached to the peel. Try not to damage the peel, otherwise the most delicious will flow out when baking. Now mix the sugar with the ground cinnamon. In what proportion? According to your taste. If you love cinnamon, mix 1 to 2. Do the same with sugar: the more it is added, the sweeter will be the baked grapefruit.

Cover the pan with parchment paper andput half the fruit on it. In the center of each put a small piece of creamy butter (and a half teaspoon), and from the top, sprinkle abundantly with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Send to the preheated oven for 5-7 minutes, as soon as the sugar has melted, the dessert is ready.

Bake grapefruit with honey and ginger

Grapefruit, baked with ginger and honey, can be called a real well of health in the cold season. But if ginger is not your favorite, then you can prepare a treat without it.

baked grapefruit

Prepare the fruit in the same way as described in the firstrecipe. Lay the halves on the baking tray, and top with a mixture of honey and grated ginger. One large grapefruit is enough for one teaspoon of grated root and two spoonfuls of liquid honey. Half is enough for baking only 5-10 minutes (at a temperature of 190 degrees). Baked grapefruit with honey can be added with chopped nuts or replaced with ginger mint, it's all a matter of taste.

Grapefruit "Alaska"

A dessert that will not only taste good, but alsovery handsome. Originality will give him a cap of tender meringue, but the baked grapefruit can be cooked with honey or with cinnamon, then how much your heart desires. This fruit will be very juicy, so prepare it a little differently.

 baked grapefruit with cinnamon

Take two grapefruits and cut into halves. We remove the pulp in a spoon in a separate bowl, get rid of the partitions. The resulting mass fill the halves of the grapefruit (enough for two pieces). Top with a teaspoon of sugar or cover it with honey and send it to a preheated oven. In the meantime, we'll take 2 egg whites and a half cup of sugar, add a little lemon juice or citric acid. Should be stable protein peaks. Grapefruit (baked) a little cool, then cover it with a protein cap and send it back to the oven. Our meringue should lightly brown. The dessert is ready!

Bake grapefruit with fruits and berries

And what about the variety? Do you have a couple of grapefruits, a lone apple, a banana and a few berries? An excellent opportunity to cook a delicious and dietary dessert!

baked grapefruit with honey

Cut the grapefruit in half and lay it onbaking tray or in a mold, sprinkle sugar mixed with cinnamon (possible without it). Crush the fruit in small cubes or slices, add berries, a tablespoon of oil, if desired, you can and a little liquor. Mix the salad from the fruit and lay it on the halves of the grapefruit. Send it to the preheated oven for 10-12 minutes.

All ingenious is simple, you just need to attacha little wit, and how much to the kitchen without imagination! Prepare a delicious, dietary and healthy dessert is quite simple. Do not forget to experiment, supplement and discover new recipes. Delicious creativity and a pleasant appetite!

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