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Pastila: the composition of the product and the recipe for cooking

Pastila, the composition of which is described below,is a sweet product made from different kinds of fruits and berries. It is noteworthy, but before the beginning of the twentieth century this word was written through the letter "o", that is, "post". In those days it was understood as something spread out, or post-sent.

pasty composition

From what do the pastille?

In our country there is no one who does not try this dish. After all, it is primordially Russian.

So from what do the pastille? According to the recipes, this product may include completely different products. The most popular pasta is from apples and pears. Also this product turns out very tasty from plums and peaches. Among other things, it is made from various berries (for example, currants, gooseberries, strawberries, etc.). One can not help saying that, despite the raw materials, the technology of producing pastilles always remains unchanged.

How is homemade pastille made from apples?

As mentioned above, the most popularamong the inhabitants of our country enjoys apple pasta. This is due, first of all, to the fact that every year the harvest of the mentioned fruit becomes richer and richer. And that the apples are not spoiled, they are actively making tasty, and most importantly useful pastille.

So, to prepare this sweet product, we will need:

  • sweet and fresh apples;
  • honey buckwheat;
  • the cinnamon is ground.

You can use the number of these products"approximately". In addition to apples, it is recommended to add cranberries, strawberries, currants and other berries. They will contribute to the reception of the bright and rich color of the pastille. If these ingredients you do not have available, then you can easily do without them.

from what do the pastille

Preparation of the basis

How is fruit paste made in homeconditions? For the preparation of such a sweet product, it is necessary to wash all apples well, and then to peel them from the peel, the pedicels and the core. After that, the processed fruit should be placed in the bowl of the blender and mashed in puree at the highest speed. It is at this stage that cinnamon and honey are added to the apples. Their number is determined by the culinary expert (to taste and discretion).

How to make it so that you get a bright and fragrant homemade pastille? The composition of this dessert must include various berries. They should be rubbed in puree together with apples.

How to dry?

After the fruit puree is ready, you can safely use it to make a delicious pastille. Three different methods are used for drying the product:

  • oven;
  • the sun;
  • electric dryer.

Which of the presented ways to use,it's up to you. However, it should be noted that drying apple sauce in the sun can take you a few days or even weeks. With regard to the first and last version, thanks to these devices, the pastille will become usable after a few hours.

homemade pastille of apples

Form the product and dry it in the oven

Home-made pastille, the composition of which is determinedonly by the culinary expert, is dried very quickly in the oven. Therefore, for the preparation of this product, we decided to use this device. After all, not all housewives have a special electric dryer.

So, for cooking homemade pastilleit is necessary to use a large baking tray. He is covered with a culinary sleeve, and then spread the previously prepared mashed potatoes. The layer of this product should not be above 1 centimeter. Otherwise the product will dry very long.

Laying apple mashed potatoes on a baking tray, it should beimmediately put in the oven. Prepare a homemade pastille recommended with the door ajar for several hours. At the same time, the temperature in the oven should not be more than 160 degrees. Otherwise, the sweet product can burn.

How to properly clean and keep the home-made pastille?

As you can see, homemade apple pasta requiresApplying a minimum of ingredients and time. After it has been completely dried in the oven, it should be removed and cut into several long and wide strips. In conclusion, they must be wrapped in a tube and knit with cotton thread.

You can use apple pastille immediately afterwards.its drying or throughout the whole winter. In this case, the finished products, wrapped in tubules, it is desirable to mix in a tight polyethylene bag, and then send to the refrigerator.

fruit candy

Pastila: the composition of the finished product

About what ingredients include in its compositionhomemade pastilles, we told above. However, a similar product purchased in the store may have completely different components. So, pastila of some producers, in addition to fruit puree, includes sugar, wheat flour, as well as such products of animal origin as chicken eggs. In addition, some careless entrepreneurs add to this product various dyes and flavors, flavor enhancers and emulsifiers, preservatives and fillers.

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