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Banana cocktail - good and taste.

Banana cocktail is a drink that is equallylove, both adults and children. It can be consumed at any time of the day. It is especially good to offer a banana cocktail to guests at a summer party. These exotic fruits have only recently been infrequent guests on our tables. But now bananas are eaten in every family and even small children try them from birth. Before you figure out how to make a banana cocktail, you need to talk about the benefits of these fruits.

It is believed that bananas enhance the mood. They are remarkably saturated, and also have unique taste qualities. On the assurances of doctors in this fruit really contains endorphins - hormones of good mood. In addition, it has serotonin, a well-known ability to stimulate various positive reactions of the body. But despite a lot of positive properties, these fruits are very caloric. Therefore, if you are on a diet or just not too happy with your figure, do not abuse them. One banana contains about 80 kilocalories. So, one or two bananas a day - not scary.

Banana cocktail will bring to your bodythe necessary amount of magnesium and potassium. In addition, bananas remarkably improve mental performance. All the more valuable is this quality in our century of constant fuss and huge loads.

Bananas help the work of the heart thanks tothe content of potassium. If this microelement is not enough, an arrhythmia may occur. It is also necessary for good liver function. And the Italians even use bananas as a natural sleeping pill. They make a banana cocktail with cognac and cinnamon and use it for the night.

It is important to know that not ripe bananas bringthe body is only harm. They contain a lot of starch, so gas formation may occur. Do not store these fruits in the refrigerator or bag. This should be done at room temperature, as well as reduced air humidity.

If you want to please guests, children or yourselftasty and useful drink, then a banana cocktail is what you need. Here is an example of such a vitamin drink: you need two bananas, 100 milliliters of cream, four kiwis, two tablespoons of sugar syrup, 200 milliliters of water. It is best to prepare a banana cocktail in a blender. Although if you do not have such a device, you can use a meat grinder, an ordinary corolla or a sieve. Peel bananas and kiwi, cut them into small pieces and leave a few for decoration. They must be ground to form a homogeneous mass. Now whisk the chilled cream into a foam, mix them with the ground fruits and sugar syrup. Then all this must be beaten, slightly diluted with mineral water and poured over high glasses. The laid out fruit slices must be cut and put on the glasses.

Banana milkshake can be done withusing ice cream. Take one banana, 300 grams of milk and 100 grams of ice cream. Now cut the banana and chop it in a blender, add the milk, beat again, and then put the same ice cream there and continue to beat for a few minutes. Ready cocktail garnish with a slice of banana and whipped cream.

Banana cocktail can be cooked and in hotform. Take half a liter of milk, one banana, some cinnamon, one vanilla pod, 50 grams of dark chocolate. You need to heat the milk in a saucepan, put a vanilla pod cut into it. Get it. The banana needs to be grinded in a blender and added to the milk. Continuing to heat the mixture, put the broken chocolate into it. Wait until the cocktail becomes a homogeneous mass, remove the pan from the fire and pour into cups. Sprinkle with cinnamon on top. Such banana cocktail will help you to get warm in the cold morning and cheer yourself up.

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