/ How to cook chicken wings in a multivark?

How to cook chicken wings in a multivark?

Chicken wings in the multivark can be preparedvery quickly and delicious, if, of course, you have this wonderful device, and you will follow the cooking recommendations described below. Agree that chicken meat is meat that appears on our table more often than others: it is healthy, tasty, inexpensive and, most importantly, it is possible to prepare a wide variety of dishes for the whole family. But by themselves fried chicken wings are unlikely to surprise those who want to eat delicious, so they should be properly marinated. How to do it?

chicken wings in the multivark
Before you cook chicken wings inyou need to make a marinade. Such mixtures are very different. Chicken taste, color, crust, softness and much more depend on them. If you use a new marinade each time, you will certainly have a feeling that you are cooking absolutely different foods.

If you marinate meat in lemon or fruitjuice, vinegar, wine or fermented milk products, it will turn out very soft and gentle. In this case, the juices will make the chicken wings in the multivark acidic and very fragrant (you need to hold the meat for about 5 hours before cooking). Sour milk products will add juiciness. But do not forget that the chicken should be marinated in the fridge. Wine will add piquancy to meat, and mustard - tenderness. Often the latter is combined with honey.

to cook chicken wings in a multivariate
In marinade you can add anything: and pepper, and herbs, and olive oil. The main thing is that they are not afraid to experiment.

So, when you have decided on the marinade andcook it, prepare chicken wings. If they are frozen, they should be thawed and then dipped in a marinade. If the wings marinate in the warmth, it will be about an hour. If you want to cook a dish later, you can leave it in the refrigerator for at least the whole night.

After a certain amount of time, you cango to the main stage of cooking. It is necessary to arrange the chicken wings in the multivark and select the "Baking" mode. So cook for about 20 minutes. After this time, change the mode to "Quenching" and leave the wings for about an hour. When the device beeps and you open the multivark cover, beautiful, fragrant and delicious chicken wings will appear before your eyes that will not leave either you or your family indifferent.

recipe for chicken wings in the multivark
Note that the recipe for chicken wings inthe multivarker may vary depending on your taste preferences, as well as on the model of the device. You can constantly experience different modes and cooking time. For example, you can cook a chicken in the "Frying" mode, and not in the above-mentioned "Baking" and "Quenching". If you fry the wings, the crust turns more golden and crispy. Another option for cooking this dish involves preliminary boiling the product, and then roasting it in a multivariate and processing with a special sauce.

As you can see, chicken wings are veryeasy, but there is no recipe, because the final result depends solely on the marinade. We hope, our advice will be useful to you, and you will please your relatives with an amazing dinner. Bon Appetit!

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