/ Hawky is the fish of the family of the merlusus. How is it useful, can it be harmful to her, and how to cook it better?

Hoki is the fish of the family of the Merlusians. How is it useful, can it be harmful to her, and how to cook it better?

khoki fish

Hawky is a fish belonging to the family of the Merlusians. Its other name, "makroronus", is used infrequently. Fish are characterized by a fairly long tail without pronounced fin and refer to commercial. On domestic shelves, hoki appears often, but it's hardly possible to call it popular. Buy this fish, as a rule, mixed with hake. The fact is that it is realized basically carcasses in a gutted form, so it's really quite easy to confuse. Moreover, without heads and tails, they are very similar.


Referring to marine deep-sea fish, Hawks more oftenis found on the coasts of South America, Tasmania and New Zealand. So for Argentina, Chile and some other countries of the region, its catch is very important. On the European market, fish is mainly in the form of frozen carcasses. Wherever the Hawky fish are found, it is often used fresh.

This predator feeds mainly on smallherrings. The size of the body, depending on the age and habitat can range from a few centimeters to one and a half meters. Argentine hoki differs from the rest of the brothers in a darker color of the back.

Nutritional value of the product

This fish, like the hake, contains few bones. Its white meat can be considered dietary due to its low fat content. Nutritional value is close to cod, energy does not exceed 80 kcal per 100 grams, contains up to 19% protein, iodine, phosphorus and other useful trace elements. And all this - meat hoki. Fish, the use of which is well known and indisputable, should be on the table as often as possible. After all, firstly, it is available. Secondly, it is useful. And thirdly, it is very tasty (especially if it is cooked correctly).

Baked Hoki Fish

fish hoki recipes

Recipes of cooking from this product, likerule, boil down to banal boiling or frying. But it will be much tastier if you bake it in an oven with aromatic herbs. Hawks are lean fish, so even those who are on a strict diet can consume it. This recipe will fully enjoy the taste of seafood.

So, on a pound of fillet you need to take a lemon,a few cloves of garlic, a small bunch of parsley, a handful of walnuts, 0.5 cups of breadcrumbs, a little olive oil, 2-3 spoons of Pesto sauce, salt, ground pepper (can be replaced with seasoning for fish).

Hawks must be thawed, poured with lemon juice andput on a baking sheet, oiled. Previously, under the bottom should put a few cloves of garlic, cut along into 2-3 parts, they will add an extra flavor to the dish. Then breadcrumbs are mixed with salt, pepper and "Pesto", add crushed nuts, chopped greens and spread this mixture on top of the fish. Hawks need to be lightly sprinkled with olive oil, so that it does not turn dry. And then it is sent to a moderately hot oven for 20 minutes. During this time, a fragrant golden crust should appear. Serve this fish with vegetable salad or mashed potatoes.

where there is a fish hoki

Fillet in batter

This is a less refined option for cooking fish. You can fry in vegetable oil, in principle, any fillets. Baked hoki will certainly be more useful, but when there is a minimum of time and products in stock, this recipe will be more apropos. And in the batter it will turn out both tastier and juicier than without it.

So, on 2 fillets of hoki (the fish should bepre-chopped portionwise pieces about 5 cm in length) will need 2 chicken eggs, salt and ground pepper to taste. You should also take vegetable oil for roasting and about 100 grams of flour.

The defrosted fish is salted and peppered on both sides. Eggs are whipped and gradually added to them flour, getting a dough, similar to thick sour cream. You need to pour a little bit of salt. In the frying pan, the oil is heated. Each piece of fish is completely immersed in claret, pulled out with a fork and quickly moved to a pan. Fry from both sides until golden crust is obtained. Serve fillets best with mashed potatoes, but can be with rice or other side dish.

Hawks Fish Benefit

Fish cutlets

Another simple, but tasty dietary dish. They can be fried in a frying pan or steamed. Hawky is a fish, almost perfect for making cutlets. There are few bones in it, you do not really need to clean it.

On a kilogram of fish take 2-3 bulbs, 2 chickeneggs, a glass of milk, a few slices of white bread, salt, vegetable oil. From spices is suitable for ground pepper or ready seasoning. Bread should be soaked in milk and left to swell. The fish are separated from the bones and passed through a meat grinder. Onions are cleaned and grinded too. All mix, salt, pour seasoning, add eggs and mashed bread.

To make cutlets tastier, stuffing is betterBrew for half an hour. After this time, the oil is heated in a frying pan. From minced meat, cutlets are made and fried on both sides. They can also be cooked in a steamer for 15-20 minutes. Fried cutlets are recommended to bring to the preparedness, staining them with a laurel leaf and carrots. And the best served is traditionally served with mashed potatoes.

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