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Jam from apricots without pits

These juicy, bright and healthy fruits, unfortunately,please us not so long - just one month a year. Speech, of course, is about apricots. Fresh, dried or in the form of jams, they have an amazing feature - to light a ray of light even on the most cloudy day. That is why many people can have a simple and radiant jam from apricots without pits to taste.

jam from apricots without pits

About sweet fruit

By spreading around the world, apricot is obligedThe great trade route, through which he first came from China to Armenia, and then - and to Europe. What is so attracted to this whole world? The answer is simple: its gentle, almost honey taste. Quite quickly evaluated and its therapeutic properties: it has a beneficial effect on blood, digestion processes and even to some extent can be considered a preventive antiviral agent. Therefore it is not surprising that his fans want to know not only how to dry this fruit, but also about how to cook jam from apricots.

Basic Basics

Jam from apricots without pits very easy to prepare, however there are a number ofrules, which should be adhered to, not only to obtain an amazing taste, but also to maintain the maximum amount of vitamins. So, let's start by describing how to prepare apricot jam, with the maximum detail of the process.

For the simplest version of the recipe,sugar and apricots, taken, as a rule, in a ratio of one to one. Now attention: for jam should pick up a little unripe fruit. They contain all the useful substances, but they are strong enough to withstand the cooking process.

how to cook apricot jam

Also, the ratio of sugar and apricots can be changed both at the request of the cook, and based on the sweetness of the fruit - but not more than a proportion of one to two.

The classical variant assumes that all fruitsCut, and from them the bone is removed. Then you can leave the fruits in halves, and you can cut into cubes. Everything depends on the aesthetic tastes of the cook. After that, the fruit is poured into sugar and sent to a cool place for twelve hours. During this time they will let fluids out, which will allow them to prepare in their own juice. If this time is not present, then it is necessary to add water at the rate of one glass per kilogram of sugar.

Next, proceed to the first heating. The container with apricots in sugar is put on a large fire, brought to a boil and the foam is removed. After that, semi-prepared jam from apricots without pits is left for ten hours "to reach" in syrup from sugar and own juice. Finish the process is very simple: it is enough just to bring the apricots back to the boil, give them another ten-fifteen minutes to sink and shift to glass jars.

to cook jam from apricots

Variant on the topic

To make jam from apricots without pits got a new "sound", the recipe for its preparation can be varied by adding additional ingredients.

An option will be the nucleus of the bones. In addition to the above products, you will also need one ripe lemon and orange. So, the bones should be split and extracted from them kernels, and the orange and lemon ground in a blender. The resulting mass is added to the apricots while they are being spilled with sugar, left for 10 hours, and then before the cooking, the kernels are added. Then everything should be done according to the recipe described above.

Bon Appetit!

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