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How to pickle salted cucumbers in different ways

Crispy vegetables, fresh, but salty- just an amazing snack. Such homemade light-salted cucumbers necessarily appear in summer in almost every home. They are combined with almost any dish, they can be seen even on the festive table. Greenhouse cucumbers that can be bought in any store in the winter, when pickling, also get quite tasty, but with fresh, torn straight from the garden and immediately cooked, it's still difficult to compare them.

How to pickle salted cucumbers?
How to pickle salted cucumbers in a classic way

You will need vegetables, greens, garlic, water andsalt. The first condition for success is the cucumbers that are properly selected for pickling. They should be approximately the same in size, in pimples and dark green in color. It is best to collect them in the morning, until the sun has not had time to dry the beds. Wash thoroughly or even soak vegetables in cold water for a couple of hours. In order to cook lightly salted cucumbers at home, you should take a glass or enamelware. The enamel must not be damaged, otherwise the vegetables can oxidize. The main thing - do not salt in aluminum bowls, because the oxides easily get out of the dishes into the food. So, put on the bottom of the chosen capacity chopped garlic, sweet pepper, fresh greens. If desired, you can add cherry, oak or horseradish leaves to make the cucumber especially crispy and fragrant.

Lightly salted cucumber in the home

It's time to go to the preparation of vegetables. Carefully trim their tips - so the dish will cook faster. If you have time and patience, you can also pierce each with a needle. Tightly put in a container that is not hardened, and prepare the brine. Boil it (2 tablespoons salt per liter of water). Pour this mixture of cucumbers, as soon as it is slightly cooled. That's all, now you know how to pickle salted cucumbers. It remains to wait a day - and you can enjoy the result. Crispy and savory snack is ready.

How to pickle salted cucumbers quickly

If you do not want to wait for a day, exitthere is. Take cucumbers with a thin skin, small, suitable and greenhouse. Take a plastic container or a glass jar with a lid to prepare this amazingly aromatic and tasty snack. At the bottom of the dishes lay a shredded fresh herbs, a few chopped garlic cloves, a pea of ​​pepper. Cucumbers cut along or on quarters (depending on their size) and shift to a bowl. Add salt and cover. Strongly shake to allow the contents of the jar or container to drain the juice and evenly soaked in salt. After five minutes, a brine is formed from the juice of greens, vegetables and salt. Leave the dish at room temperature for an hour or just shake for about 20 minutes. It remains only to rinse the cucumbers to get rid of excess salt. The dish is ready, you can serve it on the table.

Homemade light-salted cucumber
Now you know how to pickle salted cucumberas quickly as possible, and you can surprise even unexpected guests with this dish. Of course, the classic recipe has been tested for generations and deserves respect, but the express method brings good results and does not disappoint with taste.

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