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Restaurant "Kupechesky" (Penza). Description, dishes, reviews

Today we will tell about the restaurant "Kupechesky"(Penza). This is quite a good institution, which is located on the site of the billiard cafe "Marco Polo". Where is the restaurant "Kupechesky"? Penza, Kirov Street, 46 - this is the address of the institution. The building in which it is located has been repeatedly rebuilt.


The restaurant looks free and spacious. The premises of the institution are divided into several parts. In one zone there are tables for two. There are places for extensive gatherings and small companies. There is also a small stage and a dance floor in the hall. Separate are the VIP-hall and a large banquet hall.

merchant's penza restaurant

The interior in this institution is decorated in pleasantshades. The restaurant uses point light sources (muffled). In the interior, particular attention is paid to detail. There are different figures, New Year's candles and pads.

Restaurant "Kupechesky" (Penza). Menu and prices

The menu includes:

  • hot appetizers;
  • garnishes;
  • Dessert;
  • first meal;
  • salads;
  • hot dishes from meat, poultry and fish;
  • cold snacks;
  • non-alcoholic cocktails.

restaurant merchant's penny menu and prices

What kind of food can guests try? For example, pancakes with salmon (price - 550 rubles.), Mushrooms with sour cream (370 rubles.), Salad "Caesar" (230 rubles.), Fried potatoes with mushrooms (150 rubles.), Julienne with mushrooms (225 rubles.) And so on.

Also, visitors to the restaurant can try the following desserts:

  1. "Merchant" (390 rubles).
  2. "Bird's milk" (230 rubles).
  3. Classic crème brлеlée with crispy crust "(210 rubles).
  4. Ice cream to choose from (170 rubles).
  5. Sorghate of mango (240 rubles).
  6. Cheesecakes (300 rubles).
  7. Strudel with a cherry (230 rubles).
  8. Cheesecake vanilla (300 rubles).
  9. Chocolate brownie (350 rubles.).
  10. Strudel with cinnamon and apple (200 rub.).

Also in the institution are quite extensive wine, coffee and tea cards.

The average check is a thousand rubles. Note that the account includes 5% of the amount for the services of waiters.

Restaurant "Kupechesky" (Penza). Reviews

Reviews about this institution almost allpositive. Guests like this place. They like the atmosphere in the institution. The restaurant also serves delicious food. And, as the guests of the establishment say, the prices here are acceptable.

restaurant merchant's penny menu and prices reviews

Although some visitors had problems with the waiters. Other people were confronted with a dirty tablecloth on the table. But all these issues are quickly resolved.

A small conclusion

Now you know what the "Kupechesky" restaurant (Penza) is. We also described the menu and the visitors' reviews a little. We hope that the information was useful to you.

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