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Recipe for Galuszek

Galushki - a well-known dishEastern European cuisine. Long since the recipe of dumplings was a traditional dish of Ukrainian national cuisine and was a small boiled dough pieces. Nowadays many housewives prefer to serve dumplings in the form of a separate dish with butter and sour cream. For the main recipe for dumplings, you need to take top grade flour (500 grams), water (0.5 cent.), Butter (100 grams), a couple of eggs and a pinch of salt. Water, melted butter, eggs and salt are beaten and poured into a groove made in flour. The dough is well kneaded and rolled (0.5 cm thick), then cut into pieces: square, stripes that are often twisted into flagella, lowered into boiling salted water and boiled. The readyness of the dumplings can be easily determined visually: the boiled dough pops up on the surface of the water. The dumplings are taken out, drained of water, piled into a deep saucepan, and then poured with oil or roasted (cut into pieces) with lard (cracklings), shaken well so that the dough does not stick together. Serve dumplings hot with sour cream.

Recipe dumplings from potatoes simple and easy inperformance. In order to cook potato dumplings you need a spoonful of raw and 5-6 boiled potatoes, a half spoons of flour, a couple of eggs, sunflower oil (1 tablespoon) and a bulb. From the potatoes (raw and boiled) mash, beat the eggs, add flour, salt and mix the dough. A tourniquet is rolled from the dough, it is pressed a little and cut into small rhombuses. Cook dumplings in salted boiled water for not more than 7 minutes, then take it out and fry in a pan with onions (finely chopped) in sunflower oil. Serve to the table with sour cream.

An unusual ancient recipe describes howto cook dumplings with mashed potatoes and chicken. On the water knead soft dough, roll out and cut into small (any shape) pieces. Cook the chicken broth, then put the potatoes in it. Ready potatoes and boiled chicken are taken out, and in the broth they cook dumplings until they float on the surface of the broth. Meanwhile, chicken meat is cut into cubes, and the potatoes are crushed to form mashed potatoes. To the finished dumplings put back chopped chicken and mashed potatoes, mix everything well, season with garlic and sour cream.

When it comes to dumplings, you can notremember another original recipe for dumplings - these are dumplings with cottage cheese or lazy vareniki, as they are often called. Indeed, the ingredients for the preparation of curd dumplings are identical to those that are part of a dumpling with cottage cheese. Take a fresh curd, rub through a large sieve or pass through a meat grinder, add beaten eggs (4 pcs.), Butter (30 g), flour (0,%), sugar (1.5 tbsp.) And mix the dough. Make a tourniquet and cut small pieces. Cook the dumplings in boiled water until they come up. Then get the lazy vareniki (dumplings) from the water, pour the butter (pre-melted) and whipped with sugar sour cream.

The whole world is famous for the real Poltavadumplings with lard. The recipe for dumplings has its own peculiarity, in particular, the dough is necessarily mixed with kefir. To sifted flour (700 g.) Add kefir, egg, salt and a little baking soda. The dough is thoroughly kneaded and makes a long form in the form of a "tail". Knife cut small pieces, cut them and put a small piece of lard in each dumpling. And cooking dumplings, significantly different from usual: Poltava dumplings cook not in water, but for a couple (5-10 minutes). Separately, the sauce is prepared from chicken, garlic and parsley. The dumplings are piled in a saucepan and watered with gravy, the dish is served hot and necessarily with sour cream.

Preparation of dumplings causes only the most positive emotions, which together with excellent taste qualities give us a special culinary masterpiece.

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