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Chicken grill in the home with a minimum of components

Grilled chicken can be purchased ina specialized store in almost every city. Such a trade is a fairly good business, because with a minimum of costs brings a good profit. For cooking in such establishments usually use a gas grill. It provides heating of a large volume of space in a short time, which makes it possible to cook several chicken at the same time. However, it is possible to make this dish at home without using special devices and special recipes. At the same time it is worth noting that the grilled chicken cooked at home is not going to yield to a shop dish.

chicken grill at home


To prepare you will need:

- chicken - 1 piece;

- salt pepper;

- curry;

- vegetable oil - 50 g;


Also, you need a specific device,capable of fixing the bird's bird in a suspended position. Usually for these purposes a special grill is used, which is supplied with a gas stove (it is also possible to adjust the grate from the refrigerator). It is placed as high as possible in the oven, and a conventional pan is placed on the bottom in order to collect the dripping fat. You can also buy a special grill for the house or oven, in which this function is already implemented.

 grill for home


First of all, the chicken must be marinated,so that it has acquired its taste. However, it should be borne in mind that the bird will be in a suspended state, which means that it is best to use dry mixtures for this purpose. They will not drain, they will lie well on meat when frying and give a good color. It is best to marinate the grilled chicken in your home with salt, pepper and curry. These spices are the most optimal not only for poultry, but also for almost any other type of meat. That the seasoning is applied evenly, its components are mixed together and vegetable oil is added. With this mixture, rub the bird and leave to lie in a cool place for 40 minutes.

 gas grill

Heat treatment

After the expiration of this time, the bird isheated to 250 degrees oven. If grilled chicken at home will be prepared on a special device, then they can turn over themselves. However, when using gratings, this process will have to be carried out by the cook. It should be taken into account that, the more often the oven opens, the longer the dish will be prepared, but this is necessary not only to turn the chicken, but also to water it with the juice that has accumulated on the baking sheet.

Feed and shelf life

Chicken grill in the home prepared byhours. This should be checked by piercing the meat in thick areas and tendons. Serve the same dish entirely and in hot form. Usually it is well-served potatoes in the peel, which can be cooked with the bird, on a baking sheet with fat. This yummy is stored for a long time, but only in the refrigerator, although if the dish is heavily dried, it can also carry a long journey. However, such yummy is usually eaten at a time by a family of four.

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