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What is Belize Liquor, when to serve it and how to do it

According to unwritten rules of etiquette, to give alcohol to a girl in a bouquet-candy period of relations is prohibited. But Belize liqueur is a special drink.

White liquor
In one of his throats there is a whole range of feelings,which cover a representative of the beautiful half of humanity at the sight of a box of quality chocolates. This liquor is perceived, rather, as a dessert, because it harmoniously combines cream, caramel, vanilla. But this sweetness makes the eyes of the chosen one shine, cheeks burn, and the heart beat faster.

In fairness, it should be noted that liquorBelize likes not only the ladies, but also the macho macho. Still, a real Irish whiskey took part in the preparation of the drink (and to a large extent!). Simply, his sharp taste was softened with cream and caramel. And in the liquor add cocoa, sugar, vegetable oil. In addition to classical Beiliz, there are varieties: with coffee, mint and other. Despite the lack of preservatives, the liqueur can be stored indefinitely, the cream in perfect blending with alcohol does not deteriorate. And the strength of the drink is quite noticeable - seventeen degrees.

Since the Belize liqueur has a bitterish-luscioustaste, it is served as a digestive, that is, after a meal. Unlike aperitifs, these drinks do not stimulate the appetite, but help the stomach to digest what was eaten at dinner. Baileys can be served for desserts, but not for everyone. Since the XIX century it was served ice cream or coffee. Gradually there was a modern tradition of drinking Baileyz Italian desserts, such as tiramisu, panna-cat.

White liquor recipe

If the beverage is served alone, thena liqueur wine glass. It looks like a wine glass, only smaller. And if you include Bailey in cocktails, then take a glass for martini. You can not mix this liqueur with soda or juices - cream can curdle. The most successful, if you sprinkle its cocoa, grated chocolate, combine with syrups. But you can invite guests to add Belize liqueur to coffee as a cream substitute. Then the Arabian drink should be without sugar. If you have ice cream or a fruit salad for dessert, then liquor will also be an appropriate addition. It can be served separately, in glasses, or it is possible and with imagination: mixed with topping or sauce. Of fruits, the most harmonious with Baileys combines strawberries and bananas.

Belize liqueur at home

But also for the preparation of some desserts alsois used liqueur Belize. The recipe for banana "boats" is very simple. Cut the peeled bananas along, take out the spoon with a heart. Mix this pulp with nuts or cream cheese, ryazmyagchennymi ice cream or fruit. Start with this mixture of "boats". Pour the dessert with melted chocolate, mixed with creamy alcohol.

The question arises: "Is it possible to make Belize yourself?" Liqueur at home is done very simply with the help of a mixer. Three eggs, a glass of sugar, three tablespoons of instant coffee, a bag of vanillin, half a can of boiled condensed milk and a jar of concentrated milk without sugar, mix and beat for ten minutes at maximum speed. Then pour 300 ml of vodka and switch the mixer to a low speed. We beat just a minute, after which we pour into bottles and let us brew for three days in the refrigerator.

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