/ / Medovik with sour cream is an excellent treat for children and adults

Medovik with sour cream is an excellent treat for children and adults

Medovik with sour cream is a wonderful creation of human imagination and skillful hands.

Despite the seeming simplicity of cooking,Medovik with sour cream can surprise you with its exquisite aroma and charming taste of any gourmet. In this cake, a man combined two beautiful natural ingredients: honey and sour cream.

Unrivaled smell, golden honey color ensure that the honeycomb with sour cream is especially tasty and will be a frequent guest on your table.

The main note in it is honey, not for nothingcalled "liquid gold". With his fragrance, he will decorate any baking and make it more than a treat. This will help him smell the flowering trees, clover, buckwheat and something else that we can not understand. Nature carefully conjured over this divine nectar.

Medovik with sour cream during baking will acquire a noble brown and gold color, and the resulting cakes become delicious pastries.

Historical evidence suggests thatthe ancient East experienced culinary experts knew how to cook and widely used dough with the use of honey. Their favorite ingredients were honey, sesame and milk. This composition is very similar to the modern and favorite recipe for a mead with sour cream. Only instead of sesame, our housewives add finely chopped walnuts. Some amateurs also add raisins, which is not quite traditional for such a cake, but those who have tasted it, note its unusual taste.

Working with a test for a medic is a pleasure,but there is no waste in it at all. I have used a very simple recipe with a brewed dough for many years, it always produces an excellent result. The crusts are airy, they just want to try. From a baked dough it is easy to cut figurines of various forms, and crumbs to use for decor or at once to eat.

Here is my secret - I always cook dough only forwater bath. We start to prepare the brewed dough. It is necessary to melt the butter, add honey, sugar and gradually heat the mass, stirring to homogeneity. There we add soda and wait for the increase in mass in the volume. Now the main thing is that the liquid is not burnt. It must be removed from the bath and a little cool. Add whipped eggs and flour. Now knead the dough and divide into 5-6 parts. Dough for the honey is soft and dodgy, roll it out and bake in the oven until golden brown.

Medovik with sour cream can be prepared byfor special occasions, such as a birthday. I bake different sizes of cakes, smearing sour cream, I build a multi-tiered cake. In this case, a cute home honey-maker turns into a work of culinary art. In one of the layers together with the cream, you can put chopped prunes, but it will be a special honeycomb, embellished, but also delicious.

Modern confectioners have learned to beautifully decorateholiday cakes, but forgot that the cake should also be delicious. Beauty, executed, mostly inedible decors, is by no means the most important thing in the holiday of taste.

I especially emphasize that I do not put anything special in the test, the basis is the strict recipe for a mead with sour cream.

Now about an important constituent of the mead, about the cream. Sour cream for the honey is the most important part of the success of delicacies. When I read creams recipes with butter and condensed milk or the like, I'm sorry that people do not understand the main thing, the simpler the filling of a mead, the more beautiful it is. Oily cream heavier cakes, muffles the notes of honey charm, do not forget never - honey here is the main one.

Sour cream for a copper - an ideal option,Both natural products with their excellent taste range emphasize the ease of baking and its exclusivity. Do not forget - all ingenious is simple, almost the same way as to prepare an amazing festive dessert that can charm any guest and bring a touch of joy to family happiness.

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