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Traditional recipe for soup kharcho

Harcho - the famous Georgian soup, the namewhich everyone knows. It is distinguished by its sharpness and incomparable spicy taste. If you do not know how to cook soup kharcho, then we can learn this together.

recipe for cooking soup kharcho
It should immediately be said that the dish has somefeatures. Firstly, only beef is used as meat. Secondly, it necessarily includes a tkemali sauce and walnuts. It is believed that these ingredients can neither be removed nor replaced.

The recipe for soup kharcho in everyday life is not always respected, but we will try to cook it for real.

how to cook soup kharcho
We will need an impressive list of products,among which there are many spices. The main product is beef meat (or veal), which will take three kilograms. In addition, we take four large tomatoes, three onions, a handful of rice, a garlic head, a pod of pepper, half a glass of walnuts, 100 grams of celery, parsley, dill and coriander, 50 grams, as well as Tkemali sauce, coriander, red pepper, thyme , uksho-suneli, sweet-scented pepper, bay leaf.

beef soup with beef
The recipe for cooking soup kharcho, or rather, himselfprocess, will be presented next. Beef or veal wash, cut into medium pieces, put on fire. When it starts to boil, remove the foam and cook for another two hours. Meanwhile, peel the onion, cut into half rings and lightly fry in vegetable oil (no more than 5 minutes).

When the meat is cooked, broth and drain. Put the fried onions, washed rice, sauce in a saucepan with meat, add salt and salt and cook for another 15 minutes for a slow fire.

While the soup of bacon beef is brewed, it is necessaryto engage in vegetables. The head of garlic is peeled from the husks, all the denticles are finely chopped. Remove the seeds from the hot pepper and chop it up. Wash cilantro, dried and chopped. Vegetables mixed with greens, salt and bring to a blender until smooth. If you do not like the taste of coriander, you can not put it during cooking, and if desired, add to the plates when served on the table.

After this, you need to peel the tomatoes: make incisions, lower for a minute in boiling water, then into cold water. Cut them into cubes, add to the soup, continue to cook for another 5 minutes. Now you need to grind the walnuts, mix them with the mass from the blender and put it in the soup, after which you need to cook for about 5 minutes.

As evidenced by the recipe for soup, the last stage is left, during which a sauce of tkemali, цхо -o-suneli, coriander, thyme, red ground and fragrant pepper, chopped parsley, dill, celery is added to the pan. It remains to cook for no more than five minutes, then give the dish to brew for about half an hour, after which you can pour on plates and call home for dinner.

You learned the recipe for soup kharcho -sharp Georgian dishes. Today it is prepared not only from beef, but from pork, turkey, chicken. It is believed that the main thing is to observe a set of ingredients and the order of their laying. In addition, this kharcho should get very thick.

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