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Recipe for jelly from black currant and its preservation

The recipe for jelly from blackcurrant knows enoughmany housewives. In fact such sweetness turns out not only very tasty, but also extremely useful. Ready jam can be consumed and along with toast, and make from it a mors, and add to the ready-made butter pancakes.

Jelly from black currant: recipe

recipe for jelly from black currant
Necessary ingredients:

  • sugar granules - fifteen full faceted glasses;
  • drinking water is usual - five hundred milliliters;
  • freshly picked black currant - twenty full glasses.

Recipe for jelly from black currants: berries preparation

It is worth mentioning that the preparation of such jam is a long and laborious process. That's why you should count on the fact that the whole day you will dedicate this particular sweetness.

Thus, twenty complete faceted glassesfreshly picked black currant should be poured into a large container, and then carefully sorted out by removing all garbage, green berries, leaves and other excess elements. Next, the product must be filled with cold tap water and held for about half an hour. During this time, all the dust and dirt that has settled on it during the ripening process will leave the currant. After this, the berries should be thoroughly washed in a colander under a cool jet.

jelly from blackcurrant recipe

Recipe for jelly from black currant: heat treatment of berries

A pure currant should be put in a largemetal container, add to it three hundred milliliters of ordinary drinking water and put on fire. After boiling, the berries should be cooked for half an hour, and then slightly cool in the air.

Recipe for jelly from black currants: grinding berries

Warm boiled liquid mixture of blackcurrants must be spread over several spoons in a fine sieve, and then grind it with a stupa. Thus, periodically removing the cake aside, you should get a homogeneous maroon mass from which the jam will be prepared in the future.

How to make jelly from currant: the final stage

The resulting berry mixture must be poured intolarge metal containers, and then put on fire. After that, to the currant, you need to add the remainder of drinking water (two hundred milliliters) and pour fifteen full faceted glasses of granulated sugar. Next, the frayed berries should be constantly stirred with a large spoon, so that all the sugar melted, and not settled down to the bottom. Thus, black currant jam should be boiled for about sixty minutes.

how to cook jelly from currant

Preservation of sweet jelly from berries

The prepared mass must be boiledpour in pre-sterilized cans (half-liter or 750-gram), and then roll with special equipment. Next, the ready-made and bottled jam should be covered with a dense blanket and withstand so roughly one knock. After that, berry sweetness should be placed in a cool place (cold store, cellar, cellar, etc.).

Helpful advice

Such jelly can be made not only from the currant, but also from other berries (gooseberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.).

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