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Homemade cutlets from minced meat: a recipe for all occasions

One of the main associations with this familycoziness - delicious home-made cutlets from minced meat. Recipe in each family, sometimes it is passed on from generation to generation, but love this dish all the same strongly. And this is not surprising: a ruddy crust, juicy meat, an aroma familiar from childhood - all this is directly related to such a dish.

Homemade minced meat patties: recipe
But beginners sometimes get too dry or very fresh, and some cutlets do not want to keep their shape and fall apart when frying. How to learn how to cook them?

Beef cutlets from homemade minced meat

The recipe of this dish assumes an independentMinced meat preparation. You will need half a kilo of beef, fifty grams of onions, salt, ground pepper, breadcrumbs, a pair of chicken eggs, vegetable oil. Thoroughly grind the meat using a meat grinder, repeating the procedure twice. Onion grate on a fine grater or send in a meat grinder to stuffing. Mix with eggs, a couple of spoons of vegetable oil and breadcrumbs, season and season. If there is no breading, add the flour. Connoisseurs of spicy food can try to add chopped garlic. In summer, fresh dill will also be a good component. Mix everything thoroughly and dilute it with water for a softer consistency.

Homemade chicken cutlets
It will be enough a couple of spoons. Wet your cutlets with wet hands, roll them in breading and fry them in a pre-heated frying pan with vegetable oil. When both sides are covered with a crust, reduce heat and cover the cutlets with a lid. Put out ten minutes and remove from the plate. You will get excellent homemade cutlets from minced meat. The recipe is sure to settle in the piggy bank. If you cook on steam or in the oven, reducing the amount of oil, it is suitable for feeding children.

Homemade chicken cutlets

Chicken meat is different from other types of meatspecial tenderness and juiciness, in addition, it is considered a dietary product. In this recipe, the taste is particularly delicate due to the combination with yoghurt.

Homemade meat cutlets: recipe
Take one hundred and twenty five grams of goodnatural yogurt without filler, kilogram of minced meat, egg, onion, three hundred grams of white loaf, a little mustard powder, greens, breadcrumbs, vegetable oil, pepper, coriander, salt.

So, we prepare homemade cutlets from minced meat. The recipe suggests starting with bread. Remove the crusts and cut into cubes, put them into a deep dish and fill with yoghurt. Allow to soak. Finely chop the onion, fry until golden in oil. Wash the greens and chop. In the mince, add the egg, onion, greens, bread, seasonings and mustard, salt and knead. Blind from the received weight of a cutlet, each beat off some times, then roll in breading. Fry homemade meatballs with minced meat, the recipe advises for five minutes on each side. After that they can be extinguished a little, and before serving to the table decorate with fresh herbs or vegetables. The garnish is perfect as porridge, and mashed potatoes, vegetables or pasta.

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