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Wholemeal flour - a pledge of your health

Wholemeal flour is a variety thatare obtained by grinding grain together with embryos and outer shells. When it is manufactured, a minimum preliminary cleaning of the grain is carried out, which is ground in one run. It is worth noting that after grinding the whole-grain flour is not sieved.

wholemeal flour
What is the difference of different varieties? The main difference is in the degree of grinding and cleaning from bran. The higher the grade, the flour is whiter and shallower. In addition, it contains less useful substances.

So, the usual white flour is grinded severalfold and carefully sift. It consists of endosperm grains and contains a lot of starch. Fiber and vitamins in it practically do not exist, but it is with her help that you can prepare delicate and airy pastries.

Whole-grain flour contains many nutritioussubstances. It includes a large amount of fiber. It is most useful for the body. Bread when using such flour turns dark, fairly dense, but nourishing and easy to digest. Its main producer is Belovodie, as well as Diamart and Altai Health.

wholemeal flour
I must say that such flour contains many substances with high biological value. It also consists of vital compounds, including minerals and essential amino acids.

Whole-grain bread is considered finedietary product. It positively affects the body of people with obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, disrupted motor system of the digestive system and even with cancer. In addition, such bread effectively removes harmful substances from the body - heavy metal salts, toxins and radioactive compounds.

It should be mentioned that it is whole-grain flour, which can be purchased at an affordable price, includes anti-carcinogenic selenium, as well as hematopoietic vanadium.

Like all products of biological origin,it increases life expectancy. Thus, American scientists say that mortality among people who regularly include in their diet baking from whole-grain flour, is reduced by almost 20%. In addition, when consuming products from whole grains, the body is provided with the necessary amount of fiber, dietary fiber, vitamins of group B and E, as well as important minerals - iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc.

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It should be noted that wholemeal flour atregular use in the process of baking bread can improve the general well-being of people and strengthen their health. Its application is very simple - the dough rises well even without yeast (only at home sourdough).

For today everyone can get such flour of different kinds - buckwheat, oats, barley, rye. True, it is worth noting that the most commonly used is still wheat.

I must say that flour whole-grain contains a considerable amount of oils and is not stored for long. Therefore it is very important that it be freshly ground, pay attention to it.

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