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Restaurant "Macaroni" (Krasnodar): description and reviews

Where to go in Krasnodar? There are many places to visit in the city. We offer you a place like the restaurant "Macaroni" (Krasnodar). This is a good enough institution, which has its own concept. In this restaurant you can eat in a panoramic atmosphere with children or friends.


There are two halls in the institution. Each of them plays a role. The two halls of the restaurant are separated by an openwork glass partition. Due to what they become independent zones. But at the same time they can hold large-scale events.

restaurant macaroni krasnodar

The restaurant area seems to be bothairy, and spacious. Its main part is designed for one hundred people. Forty guests can sit on the veranda. With the latter, there are magnificent views of the Krasnodar sunsets. Therefore, lovers love to rest here.

Very pleasing to the eye Flower Hall. His guests are chosen for friendly meetings, romantic evenings and leisurely dinners.

For a noisy company, the rhythmicbar area. The menu offers a wide range of alcoholic drinks, as well as a range of home-made drinks, cold beer, a variety of smoothies, fitness mixes, summer cocktails and more.

Restaurant "Macaroni" (Krasnodar): menu

Dishes in the menu are presented to European cuisine. Guests can try the pasta. This dish is the highlight of the restaurant. There are many different types of pasta. Also presented are various pizzas and pies. But the menu of this institution is not limited only to Italian dishes. There are also delicious salads (for example, "Warm", "Mimosa" and others). Guests in the restaurant can order dishes of cuisine of America, Asia, England. Also presented are the dishes of the own design of the chefs of this institution.

 restaurant macaroni krasnodar menu

The menu features dishes from poultry, meat. Separately, there are dishes for vegetarians. The menu is complemented by children's goodies. The restaurant has fun toys for kids. Therefore, small visitors will be satisfied.

There is a menu in the restaurant for business lunches and breakfasts. On the summer terrace visitors can taste delicious food.

The average check for one person (without alcohol) is five hundred rubles.

Address and time schedule

Where is the restaurant "Macaroni" located? Krasnodar, Sokolov street, 82 - this is the address of the institution. There is a restaurant near the shopping and entertainment center "Red Square", opposite the "Baskethall".

Works from Monday to Sunday (from nine in the morning until midnight).

Restaurant "Macaroni" (Krasnodar): guest reviews

Reviews about this institution are mostly good. Guests praise him. They like the interior as well as the restaurant's dishes. As the guests say, the institution is clean and cozy, and the food here is incredibly tasty. Although some visitors encountered unskilled personnel. But basically the guests like the service.

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A small conclusion

Now you know what the restaurant is"Macaroni" (Krasnodar). We examined the menu of the institution. This restaurant combines a sea of ​​dishes from pasta, quality gastronomy, a cozy atmosphere and excellent service. We hope that the information was useful to you.

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