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Recipe for Sour Sweet Sauce

For the beginning of such an important matter as the preparation of sweetly sour sauce, we need the following ingredients.

This number of products includes soy sauceabout two tablespoons, one or two onion bulbs, ginger, namely one of its roots, garlic two slices, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, one tablespoon of vinegar, two tablespoons of sugar and a necessarily brown color, since the sauce needs to be added to the charm.

In addition to these products, the recipe for sweet sour saucerequires the presence of ketchup on your table, it will be enough to put three tablespoons, it will give the sauce a rich eastern flavor of spices and give an amazing taste to any dish.

In addition to this bouquet it is necessary to preparestarch one tablespoon, two tablespoons of conventional preferably boiled or purified water, and fruit juice two hundred milliliters combined with excellent dry sherry.

In the presence of all these necessary productsyou can start cooking the sauce itself, which you have enough for exactly three servings. Accordingly, if you want to increase the number of portions and make the whole presented recipe sour sweet sauce with the necessary ingredients in a double size and invite to sample this sauce of all the neighbors.

Now tell you how to cook soursweet sauce for your loved ones and faithful friends, describe in what order to add products for sauce and what you need to do to make the sauce you have better than others.

To start we take onions, ginger and garlic themshould be finely chopped, then pour in the pan a sunflower oil that does not smell and put the sliced ​​vegetables into a frying pan and fry for three minutes or four at a slow heat, while stirring constantly so that the onions are not overcooked.

After this, we turn to the second action, forwe take soy sauce, ketchup, sherry, brown sugar, fruit juice, as well as orange and pineapple juice, which also gives a special acidity to the sauce, and mix everything in a small dish until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Then, what is mixed, put on a small fireand bring to a boil. In parallel with this, you must mix the starch with water and pour it all into a dish with sauce, add the mixture, prepared from onion, ginger, and garlic and stirring to cook, for another fifteen minutes until the sauce comes to the desired consistency.

Such a recipe for sweetly sour sauce cancook for a festive dinner, for dinner, for the new year and for Christmas, for Valentine's Day and thus please your beloved young man or your beloved girl. As relevant, it will look like a gift for February 23rd or March 8th.

In principle, the recipe for sweetly sour sauce can be cooked any day not even festive just to take and make a pleasant and good mood to all the people around you.

The sauce is suitable for any dish of meat, fish and poultry, it will add to your diet a mysterious note of Asia and China.

If you are going to have kebabs, then the preparation of this sauce will be very welcome, since it is with this sauce that it is better absorbed into the stomachs, without creating a sense of the severity of the food.

To ensure that your sauce was not similar to others it can be slightly varied, for example, add not ordinary vinegar, but wine.

Wine vinegar has a particularly good effect on digestion and has huge beneficial properties, it contains antioxidant vitamins that promote health and rejuvenation of the body.

So try, experiment and good luck with learning any culinary recipes, and we in turn will try to help you in this!

Sweet and sour sauce is an asset of the eastern countries, where it received worldwide recognition. But, this is understandable! The taste of sweetly sour sauce is incomparable.

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