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How to make a milkshake at home

It's simple! Milk cocktails can be classified as "milk desserts". How to make a milkshake at home can be easily learned by polishing the pages of cookbooks. The most popular is simply to cook, using about two cups of cow's milk, about two hundred grams of filling, any fruit syrup and a little ice. To do this, put the ingredients listed in the container and whisk them with a blender until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Then pour the resulting milkshake into several glasses and enjoy a pleasant taste.

Strawberry fantasy

For fans of experimenting, we will tell,how to make a milkshake with the taste of strawberries. To do this, you need to take about four hundred grams of fresh strawberries, rinse it thoroughly, peel it off, and then - to boil it and place it in a blender. There you also need to add two glasses of strawberry yogurt and about one hundred and fifty grams of filling. After that, it takes half a minute to whip all the ingredients with the blender and pour the resulting cocktail into several glasses.

Banana Paradise

For those who love bananas, let's share a recipecooking banana cocktail. To do this, take about two hundred grams of cow's milk, four hundred grams of plombir and three ripe peeled banana. All of the listed products are placed in a blender. Bananas are peeled and put there. Everything is shaken and the cocktail is ready. This drink turns out thick and, at the same time, airy.

Summer coolness

We will describe in detail how to prepare milkA cocktail using any fresh fruit. To do this, take half a liter of cow's milk or fatty cream, about two hundred grams of fruit and fifty grams of sugar. Fruit is better to use seasonal. To begin with, put the sugar in the blender and crush it at high speed. Then add the milk and fruit to the crushed sugar and continue to whisk in the blender. Cocktail is poured into glasses.

Milk coffee drink

This variant of dairy dessert is sure to be appreciatedlovers of coffee. You will need sixty grams of filling, two teaspoons of sugar, as well as one spoonful of black coffee, half a cup of boiled chilled water and half a glass of milk. We put everything in a blender and mix it at low speed so that the mass becomes homogeneous. Drink immediately after use.

Grape cocktail

To surprise guests with this amazing recipe,half a kilogram of white grapes without pits, half a liter of milk, a small amount of fatty cream and half a glass of sugar. Grapes rinse well and steep with boiling water. Then it is necessary to release it from the peel. This is easy to do by wiping the grapes through an ordinary sieve. After that, put the grape juice in the blender. Milk along with sugar must be boiled and cooled. Then mix all ingredients in the blender and pour into glasses. In each cocktail, add a teaspoon of cream.

Lemon Cocktail

For this drink you need half a kilocanned fruit, a glass of lemon juice, a pound of ice cream with lemon and a little lemonade. We put ice cream and canned fruit in glasses. Then fill them with lemon juice. Let's brew for about ten minutes. If you want, you can add a little lemonade.

Now you really know how to cookmilkshake at home, using the products that are at hand. And the last tip: to make the cocktails look aesthetically pleasing, serve them in high transparent glasses. You can decorate ready-made cocktails with fruits, berries or mint leaves. Believe, your efforts will be appreciated by all. It is important to remember that such cocktails can not be done for future use, it is a perishable product! Pleasure your family and friends with self-made milkshakes. They will be grateful to you!

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