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Cherry jam: a recipe for useful sweet and sour joy

To tea with buns or to tender creamyice cream - cherry jam is always appropriate. The recipe for its preparation is so simple that even a child can master it. And numerous variants of its execution will allow to keep the maximum quantity of vitamins of a useful berry.

cherry jam recipe

Why cherry?

Known since ancient times, the fruit canwin the heart of any original sweet and sour taste. But not only does the latter make cherries so attractive for culinary masterpieces. The thing is that it is in a literal sense a valuable treasure for those who regularly consume it. In fact, it combines anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and juvenile properties. By the way, most of them are preserved during heat treatment, whether it is compote, jam or cherry jam. So it's worth trying to stock up on the winter with a useful dessert.

Cherry jam: recipe for classic

When preparing for cooking, it is worth remembering that,that almost always in this recipe cherry is brewed in its own juice. Therefore, sugar should be mixed with a berry in the proportion of two to one. Before doing this, the fruit should be thoroughly washed, best by running cold water, remove the stones and stems. After that, they are poured with sugar and left for a while for the juice to go.

Next, put a container with a cherry mixtureon the fire, wait until the foam starts to form, and remove the last. Theoretically described process can take about forty-fifty minutes. At the end, the dishes are removed from the heat and the half-finished jam is allowed to cool. Then the mixture is boiled again, laid out on glass jars and everything is ready - our cherry jam.

cherry jam

The recipe for cooking it can be significantlysimplify if you grind the fruit with a blender, before you pour the cherry with sugar. Then it will be enough to bring the mixture to a boil, remove the formed foam, boil for another five to ten minutes and serve on a table or roll in glass jars.

Add the sourness

Cherry jam, the recipe of which involves the use of lemons, will be to the liking of lovers of the game of contrasts.

To make it, you need a kilogram of cherries, two lemons and 0.5 kg of sugar.

The process of preparation is as followsway: the cherry is washed, the bones are removed from it and cut into small pieces. Next, rub from one lemon zest and attach it to the cherry mixture. After that, squeezed juice from both lemons.

The prepared mixture is sent to the fire andis brought to a boil, after which it is transferred for twenty minutes to the mode of languor under the lid. The specified interval has expired - means it is possible to add sugar. Stir well and cook over medium heat until thickened. After that, you can decompose it in a hot form into glass jars, cool and send to storage in a refrigerator.

It is worth noting that the shelf life of such a jam is small, only a few weeks, but because this recipe is not so often used.

how to cook jam

Cold approach

Maximum preserve vitamins and cook delicious jam from cherries can be, if not at all use the cooking.

How to make cherry jam this way? It is enough just to clean the cherry, remove the bones from it, crush it with a blender, cover it with sugar, mix and pour over the containers. After that they go to the freezer.

It's so easy and simple to prepare cherry jam in three different ways.

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