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What can you cook from rice and minced meat: the best recipes

In our menu there is a very small setdishes, and the reason for this is the eternal lack of time with the modern rhythm of life. Therefore, sometimes it is worth to diversify the familiar menu with more interesting and not so familiar food. In this article, we want to talk about what can be cooked from rice with minced meat? There are a lot of recipes for dishes based on these ingredients. All of them are very tasty, which means they are worthy of being in our diet.

Universal base for dishes

Minced meat with rice is a universal base forcooking a lot of delicious dishes. This combination of products is used in many cuisines around the world, since such components are present in our house at any time of the year. What is the reason for such popularity of dishes using rice with minced meat? There are a lot of recipes for such dishes. The main reason why food on the basis of such products is in demand is invariably great taste and calorie content. These dishes are very hearty, and therefore like housewives. In addition, minced meat with rice is very fond of children.

Features of preparation

In order to prepare delicious dishes from rice andstuffing, you need to know some nuances. The best seasoning in such cases is black pepper. But all kinds of spices and scented herbs should be used with extreme caution. Especially it concerns cumin, ginger, etc. The use of aromatic spices can smell the smell of the dish itself. The taste of meat is well emphasized by the dried and fresh dill. Garlic put in minced culinary experts do not recommend, because it gives a sugary taste.

minced with rice

Even the onion is not suitable for all dishes. If you scroll the vegetable through a meat grinder, it emits a lot of juice. This means that the mixture into which it is added will become more wet, having lost its viscosity.

What can and can not be added to stuffing?

Potatoes and carrots are wonderful vegetables thatGood as a side dish for minced meat and rice. But it is not recommended to add them directly to the mixture. What can be added to ground meat with rice? As a rule, mistresses put a mango, flour and egg as additional binding components. Such mixtures are used for the preparation of steam bitters, meatballs, casseroles and other delicious dishes. In addition, minced meat with rice is used as stuffing for cabbage rolls, pies.

How to cook meatballs?

If you are thinking about what to cook fromrice and minced meat, it is worth remembering such a wonderful dish as meatballs. Meatballs are familiar to us from childhood. They can be served with sauce to any side dish or add to the soup. Meatballs, hedgehogs, meatballs - all these are different names for the same dish. Preparing hedgehogs from minced meat and rice is not a difficult task, but the result is consistently delicious.


  1. At least 420 grams of stuffing.
  2. Bulb.
  3. Approximately 1/2 cup of rice.
  4. A couple of slices of bread.
  5. Garlic.
  6. Spices (fragrant herbs, peppers).
  7. 60 grams of milk.

Cut the crusts from the bread and color it ina deep plate, and pour the top with milk. As soon as the flesh swells, it must be squeezed and ground in a blender, adding garlic and onions. Rice boil until half-ready and add it to the stuffing. There we send bread and onion.

Rice with mince recipe

All the ingredients are well mixed, put the saltand spices. Now you can form meatballs from minced meat and rice. Do this with wet hands to get a beautiful shape. Finished meatballs can be baked in sauce, put in soup or fry.

Delicious meatballs

Culinary knows many recipes for rice dishes andforcemeat. Among them, meatballs are very popular. They can be cooked in the oven or fry in a pan. On the table, meatballs can be served with garnish.


  1. Mixture of pork-beef minced meat - 530 g.
  2. Onions and carrots - one piece.
  3. Two eggs.
  4. A glass of rice.
  5. A little tomato paste or a glass of juice - 2 tbsp. l.
  6. Sunflower oil.
  7. A little flour for rolling around.
  8. A couple of spoons of sour cream (canteens).
  9. Greenery.
  10. Pepper.
  11. Salt.

Practical part

First, you need to boil the rice. For meatballs, it is better to take an adhesive round-grained appearance. Rice is washed and sent to the fire. On a glass of cereals you need to pour about twice as much water. Cook rice until full readiness is not worth it. It is better to turn off the heat and leave it to cool under the lid.

Minced meat can be used as pork or pork-beef. And you can take a chicken-turkey mixture for cooking a dietary dish. Minced meat should be homogeneous.

Next, cut the onions, and chop the carrots on a large grater. Vegetables lightly fry in oil.

what to cook from rice and minced meat

Then proceed to prepare the meatballs themselves. In the tank mix the minced meat, rice and fried vegetables. There we add pepper, eggs, salt. Mix everything and form balls from the mass. Then we pour them in flour and put them on a well-heated frying pan with butter.

In a separate saucepan mix sour cream and tomatopaste, then add broth or water (glass). The resulting mixture is filled with meatballs. The liquid should cover their surface. Now the pan should be covered with a lid and put on a small fire. In addition, meatballs can be baked in the oven. The gravy, which we have filled the balls, is gradually absorbed and gives the dish a delicate taste.

Meatballs can also be fried in a frying pan, up toget a crust, and then pour a mixture and a little fret. This dish is very tasty. But, if the meatballs are intended for children, it is preferable to use the first two cooking options.

Cutlets in the oven

If there is minced meat in the refrigerator, then immediatelycomes the thought of making cutlets from it. Because this is the best addition to any garnish. However, if there is not so much meat, then you can mix minced meat with rice. The result is also a very delicious dish.

dishes from rice and minced meat

Prepare cutlets from minced meat and rice in the oven is not more difficult than meatballs. Yes, the products will need the simplest. Namely:

  1. Minced meat (pork-beef or pork) - 340 g.
  2. Salt.
  3. Several bulbs.
  4. 2/3 cup of rice.

Rice is thoroughly washed in water, after whichboil in salt water. You do not need to finish the groats until ready, it's better if it stays a bit raw. Next, the rice is mixed with minced meat, there we also send the chopped onions. All ingredients are well mixed with hands. Now it only remains to add salt and pepper. With wet hands, we form cutlets and put them on a baking tray, oiled. The form is sent to the oven. Cutlets are cooked at 200 degrees to full preparedness.

meatballs of minced meat and rice

Pie with stuffing

If you have minced meat with rice, what can you cook from them? Of course, delicious pie.


  1. For preparation, you can take any minced meat - 370 g.
  2. Also we need half a glass of rice. It should be noted that the amount of meat and rice can be changed. The more in the pie will be the meat filling, so it will taste better.
  3. A glass of milk.
  4. Soda.
  5. A few eggs.
  6. Spice.
  7. Vegetable oil.
  8. Salt.
  9. Not more than 430 g of flour.

Cooking process

As the filling of the pie we will useminced with rice. Croup is washed in water and sent to cook. Ready rice is added to the stuffing, also put spices and salt. All the ingredients are handmade.

Now that the filling is ready, you can proceedtest. Mix milk and egg in the container, add oil, salt and flour. Mix the dough, it should turn out to be very tight. We divide it into two parts. We distribute one of them in the form or in a frying pan, lubricated with oil, so that the bottom and the walls are covered. On the prepared cake we spread the filling. The second portion of the dough is rolled into a layer, which we cover our cake, joining the edges together. Next, we send the dish to bake at 200 degrees in the oven. Preparation takes at least thirty minutes. The finished pie should be placed on the table and covered with a towel for ten minutes so that it can stand well. After that, the baking will be even more delicious.

dishes from rice and minced recipes

"Rice in the Navy"

Rice is available in every hostess. And if you buy minced meat, you can cook a lot of wonderful dishes. Including "rice in the Navy", it is often called "lazy pilaf". Usually they cook pasta with minced meat, but you can think of other variations, since meat is combined with any products.


  1. For a dish, you can take any amount of minced meat, what will be more, the more delicious it will turn out - at least 370 g.
  2. A glass of rice.
  3. Onions and carrots - one piece.
  4. Pepper.
  5. Zaire.
  6. Salt
  7. Vegetable oil.

Onions and carrots are cleaned, mine and crushed. Carrots must be cut into small straws, and onion half rings. Next, fry the vegetables in a frying pan in vegetable oil for about five minutes. Then we put in the same stuffing and fry further all together. Also add zir, salt and pepper.

preparation of hedgehogs from minced meat and rice

Rice boiled, washed and also sent to a pan. All components are well mixed and stewed for ten minutes under the lid. The dish is served hot.

Casserole with rice

Having mincemeat and rice at hand, you can cook a delicious casserole.


  1. On a glass of rice, you need to put 380 grams of minced meat.
  2. Bulb.
  3. A couple of eggs.
  4. Any favorite spices.
  5. Vegetable oil.
  6. Salt.
  7. Pepper.

Boil rice for 15 minutes (a glass of rice andtwo glasses of liquid). Meanwhile, chop the onions and fry it together with the stuffing in the frying pan. Do not forget to add a lot of salt and add your favorite spices. In a separate bowl, mix rice with raw eggs.

stuffing with rice that you can

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Next, we lubricate the mold or baking tray with oil. At the bottom we put half of all rice, we lay out the meat stuffing on top, and again a layer of rice. The casserole is cooked for 25 minutes. This dish is perfect for breakfast and dinner. There is both garnish and meat at the same time. In addition, the dish can be varied by adding carrots and other vegetables. And you can serve on the table with a delicious sauce, sour cream or ketchup.

Pilaf with meatballs: ingredients

Plov can be cooked not only with pieces of meat, but with meatballs. Ancient dish is a classic variant of cooking pilaf.

Grocery list:

  1. For pilaf it is preferable to take mutton, in extreme cases beef - up to a kilogram.
  2. The same amount we take and rice.
  3. Carrots with onions are 2.5 kg.
  4. Salt.
  5. Spice.
  6. Ground pepper.
  7. Vegetable oil.


We clear the onion and divide it into two parts. The first part is cut into very small cubes and sent to the stuffing. And the second part - cut into half rings. To the meat we also add salt, favorite spices, pepper. Hands lubricate with vegetable oil and mix well the minced meat, after which we form meatballs from it. We put the meat preparations on a baking tray with oil and put them in the refrigerator.

Then cut the carrot into thin strips. On the fire put the container and pour into it 300 grams of butter (vegetable). As soon as it is warm, we put the onions half rings, fry it to a ruddy state, then add carrots, black and black pepper, spices. Now it's time to pour 1.7 liters of water into the cauldron. Bring all the ingredients to a boil and add a teaspoon of sugar and salt.

We get out of the refrigerator our meatballs andwe transfer them to the cauldron. We bring everything back to the boil and reduce the fire. While the dish is languishing on low heat, we will prepare the rice. We thoroughly rinse the groats in water and spread it evenly over the meatballs. Now we increase the fire and evaporate all the water. After that, rice is picked up by a hump to the center of the cauldron and with a wooden spoon we make holes, so that the moisture remains. Then reduce the fire and cover the container with a lid. The rice should languish until ready. The cooking time depends on the type of cereal. We remove the prepared dish from the fire, mix it and let it brew. And only after twenty minutes we serve.

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