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Lightly salted cucumber in a package, recipe for instant cooking

There are several rules that are necessarystick to make cucumbers really pleased you. Never use for pickling damaged, beginning to spoil the ends of cucumbers, those that have already turned yellow and a little wilted. Choose strong, whole, solid cucumbers of the same size. If you just ripped them off the bed, then just wash them thoroughly. And if they are bought in the market, it is best to pre-soak the cucumbers in cold water for 4-6 hours. In the preparation of lightly salted cucumbers in the package, the recipe can be any, always either cut in half, or cut off only their tips, but they are always packed in a small package, no more than 0.5 kg.

Because they prepare quickly. There is simply no point in salting them with large volumes. Just have to prepare the spices in advance. To get crispy cucumbers add either a root or a sheet of horseradish, or a leaf of a cherry or oak bark.

I will suggest several ways how to do itsalted cucumbers in a package, the recipe of which will vary depending on the spices and timing of salting. To do this, add to the package washed cucumbers with cut tails, add large chopped 2 cloves of garlic, 1 dill of dill and 1 tbsp. l of salt. Pack the plastic bag tightly, put in a second bag for reliability and tightness, shake to make the salt evenly distributed, and leave in a warm place for 2 hours. Then you can serve them on the table. You can put the package on a plate and clean it right away in the refrigerator, then the process of pickling will slow down. And to eat cucumbers will be possible in 10-14 hours.

If you go on a picnic in the summer, very muchquickly, right on the road you will get light-salted cucumber in the package, the recipe of which I'll tell you now. It is necessary to pack about 1 kg of cucumbers with cut ends from 2 sides, add spices, which must be grinded first in a mortar: chopped garlic, dill and 1 tbsp. l salt, then report the pepper to the peas. The highlight of the recipe is that the packet should be shaken periodically for 4 hours, so that the cucumber beats against each other and secrete liquid. On the road, hummocks and bumps will do much better for you. As a result, you get delicious and fragrant cucumbers! It will be possible in the campaign to offer fresh and lightly salted cucumbers on the table. It's great if it's possible to cool them in the fridge before serving.

Cooking lightly salted cucumbers in a package, recipewhich is known, was only a few dozen years ago, neither our mothers nor our grandmothers could. It's great that in our time, when there is always not enough time, you can use these recipes and, among other things, prepare an original snack quickly and easily. For example, if you take half a kilo of cucumbers, cut them into four pieces along, sprinkle with salt, finely chopped dill, parsley or basil, pepper, put everything in a bag and shake for half an hour, then you will get lightly salted cucumbers. At the same time they will keep their green color, will have time to absorb the aromas of spices and will please you with their own taste.

Using the recipe for freshly salted cucumber inpackage, you can save a lot of time when preparing snacks for a festive meal. Especially in the winter or spring, even the most inexperienced mistress is available to surprise her guests with lightly salted cucumbers.

Any recipe for lightly salted cucumbers without water is notrequires a lot of time, is prepared quickly, easily, and the result will always please you. Much more time is cooked lightly salted cucumbers in hot and cold way in brine. During harvesting for the winter, glass containers are used, brine is boiled, cucumbers salivate at room temperature and only after the end of fermentation processes are rolled up. In a package, cucumbers can be cooked immediately, just before meals, this is their main advantage.

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