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Benefits and harms of garden drains

Benefit and harm of plums
The benefits and harms of draining are what can be veryI'm interested in lovers of this fleshy juicy fruit. After all, if you are able to eat more than a kilogram in one sitting, then sooner or later you will be interested: will it not harm your health? Let's take a closer look at the properties that the garden plum has. The benefits and harms of this fruit, of course, directly depend on what characteristics and characteristics it has. Let's start with the chemical composition, and then proceed to how to properly use these fruits.

Benefits and harms of plums

Sweet and sour taste that is characteristic of thesefruit in fresh form, and after pickling, drying and boiling (quenching), is due to the ratio of fruit acids and sugars. The benefits and harms of draining are very different for people who have different characteristics of the digestive tract and metabolism.

 plum benefit and harm

Organic acids, for example, stimulateactive allocation of gastric juice, which is very useful for people with poor appetite and hypoacid gastritis. But with high acidity, uncontrolled use of these fruits (however, like many others) is not worth it. On this simple example, you see how much the benefits and harms of draining can be relative.

A small number of kilocalories (42 - in 100grams), lack of fat and an abundance of fiber will help those who follow a diet for weight loss. However, in this case, the benefits of plums can be brought only if there are no more than 300 grams per day. And it is better to divide this portion twice. And also do not eat other sweet fruits on this day or restrict carbohydrates. After all, a large amount of sugar (fructose) in the diet can prevent active fat burning, and in order to start the process of weight loss, it is necessary to create a small but permanent deficit of carbohydrates.

 yellow plums use

Equally nutritious are both blue and yellow plums -their benefits are also in the presence of vitamin C, which can strengthen immunity. This is very useful in late summer. After all, prevention of colds should begin about a month before the expected epidemic. In the fight against anemia, the plum is also a good helper, because it has a lot of iron. Antioxidants and zinc are struggling with aging cells, with the problem of delaminating nails and hair sections. Contained in plums potassium is useful in problems with kidney and hypertension. Already mentioned in the presence of a large amount of fiber in these fruits helps effectively prevent constipation and decreased intestinal tone.

Use of plums in home cosmetics

Puree from these fruits is an excellent mask, capable ofwhiten the skin, moisten it and refresh. In order to cook it, it is enough to stretch some ripe soft plums. Useful substances will come from the fruit directly into the pores of the skin and have a toning effect. You can also make a plum mask for hair. To do this, peeled and pitted fruit mash, mix with a dollop of thick cream and the same amount of olive oil. Endure the hour and wash your hair. They will become silky, they will be easy to pack and comb.

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